The Believer and Senses (Dreams and Visions)

Paul Shomer Ademujimi
5 min readMay 27, 2022


Humans are largely controlled by what they see. A brother in this space once called me, the Holy Spirit showed him in a night vision that he will close a deal soon concerning the proposal he wrote. He saw a woman call him in that vision and offered him a deal. When we spoke, I told him the exact thing he was shown will play out physically. I think about 2 or 3 weeks later, he called me that the exact thing happened.

This is the same way demons or humans can cast dreams into people’s minds during the night and people will wake up with fearful imageries. In both scenarios, one thing is common, a spirit seeking to manifest a reality, the human agency is at liberty to make it happen or not. The mind of a man is an incubation machine, when you receive imagery information or words, the goal is to incubate it and birth it physically. No spirit can do anything in this world except through a man.

So, when you dream and see yourself picking snails, you are afraid. Then, you go ahead seeking meaning, you meet a “Prophet” and the supposed prophet says “Snails are slow by nature that means village people are after your life”. They tell you to do all manner of things to solve the problem. Fast for 40 days. Sow Seed. Go to the mountain, do you notice that you can be doing that for 40 years without making any meaningful progress in life? The problem is simple, an idea was planted in your mind through dreams, it was exaggerated by a “man of God”, your mind has been incubated with nonsense and you are bound to produce it in reality.

This is why Jesus said in Matthew 6:22–23 that ‘“The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!’

The eye here means the eye of your understanding, if the eye of your understanding is darkened with manipulative thought that emanated from imageries and words, you will experience mixed realities in life. Belief systems are also developed from imagery and word information, they can influence your thoughts negatively too. What a dream does is plant dark imaginative thoughts in your mind and you keep on feeding on it and it starts controlling your reality.

I spoke to a brother recently, he claimed he has a wonderful gift from God, I asked him what it is? He responded by saying “God speaks to him through dreams and reveals stuff to him.” I told him to cite examples, and he went on to describe how he dreams of evil occurrences and people dying and it will happen. I was shocked and went on to tell him it is not from God. This is why the knowledge of God is important to cure these dream maladies. Why would you say God plants imaginations in your heart so that He can kill people up and down! Gosh…

Now there is what we call night vision, it can be mistaken for a dream because both happen while you are asleep but you will know the difference by the kind of message it sends to you. There are three-four parameters to judge any message from God; you will experience His Love, Joy and Faith will be stirred in you and finally peace. God does not stir you to fear, He imparts faith into your heart.

A king had a dream and he tasked the Wise men of his kingdom to tell him the dream and the meaning else everyone will be killed. They came to pick Daniel for execution and he requested that the order should be suspended for 24 hours that he would tell the king the dream and its meaning, the king granted his request. Daniel visited his three Jewish friends and told them to pray.
Look at how the secret was revealed to Daniel: ‘Then the secret was revealed to Daniel in a night vision. So Daniel blessed the God of heaven.’ — Daniel 2:19. Guys, you can check the root Hebrew word for both vision and dream; dream — properly bind, vision — sight. Bro, Sis you have the Holy Spirit, He does not need to use dreams to communicate to you. Unbelievers without the Holy Spirit dream, God can use dreams to communicate to them because they do not have His Spirit. For you believers, you will have visions, closed vision (night vision), trance and open vision.

A vision perfectly aligns with the will and counsel of God which is generally revealed via the written word. A vision foretells the future. It shows you what God intends to do. A vision can be instructions from God. Revealing things, you need to know about the present and the future and the steps you can take.

Please note that God does not send you evil messages. When you see an evil message, that is a dream and it is not from God. Every message from God reveals His Love. Anytime you dream and you are fearful or see evil. That is not from God. Dreams can come from demons, physical things you interact with or if your mind is fixed on a matter so much. Your human spirit can also project memories from your past such as seeing yourself writing an old exam — it is an activity of the human spirit. Your human spirit can misbehave like this if you are noting constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit. God gives visions, not dreams.

However, there is a different ball game for intercessors, intercessors are watchers. I have written about it here:

What about Joel 2:28? it says your old men will dream dreams. Your young men vision. Old men in the flesh are bound by the dreams of heaven. They have finished their works on earth.

What do you do with bad dreams?
1. Ignore. If the word is alive in you, you can ignore nonsense dreams because the word is controlling your reality.
2. Reimagine — you can reimagine a bad dream the way you want it to go and sleep back, you will be surprised you will have that dream the way you have imagined it. E.g. if a masquerade chases you in a dream, when you wake up, reimagine that you beat up the masquerade and sleep back. See what happens.. lol.. The masquerade will never come again.
3. Dance and confess the word. Change evil to good by the word of your mouth. Laugh so hard and walk confidently.

You saw something when you sleep and you did not know what it means? Brothers and Sisters, God is your Father and He does not communicate using riddles and parables. If He shows you something you will many times wake up with the meaning, if not then, as you pray in tongues in your normal fellowship with the Holy Spirit, you will just know it. If you received no meaning, then, God is not talking to you.

Our perception is extremely important in our day-to-day living. Allow your perception to be fully controlled by the Word of God.



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