The Seer, Prophecy, and Reality.

Paul Shomer Ademujimi
4 min readApr 1, 2022


At the inception of Coronavirus in 2020, I received a call from the leader of a Christian group I used to be part of, a member of the group just went vegetative overnight. He could not talk or move any part of his body. The only thing he could do was open his eyes. The doctors had no diagnoses, it had nothing to do with medicine, it was an entirely spiritual issue.

A number of us were called to start praying. I had a few questions on my mind as I rolled onto my bed that night. What went wrong? How could one filled with the Holy Ghost be attacked this way? In the ensued night vision, I was on the phone with this same brother, he was perfect. We had a chat, joked and laughed. That was the moment I knew the counsel of God. He is perfectly fine, what we are seeing in the physical was an aberration and we need to put it right.

We started the prayer meeting which was 2 days later. All manners of prayer points started flying in, I was indifferent. I only prayed in tongues. However, something triggered my spirit, a brother, one of the leaders stopped the prayers and gave a supposed “vision or revelation”. He saw the brother in the middle of two groups of people, our group was one and the other group was comprised of people from another group the brother was part of, this other group of people had been labelled evil and witches by our group. As usual, I was indifferent. So, this brother according to the “vision” chose to follow the other group as they were drawing him, the “interpretation” was that the brother is dying and we should intensify prayers. If the brother had chosen to follow us, then, he will not die, but right there, he is dying. Another round of demons/spirits die prayer started.

I was really disturbed because I knew the brother would die that way, it has been spoken forth by a supposed believer. Then, the Holy Spirit brought to my remembrance a book I read on the prophetic, you do not allow evil words to go unchallenged, the speakings of God always bring peace, comfort, victory, and it stirs faith in you. If we continued that way, we were already gripped with fear, the evil prophecy will prevail. If I keep shut, I will give evil the opportunity to prevail. I quickly whispered to the group leader what the Holy Spirit showed me two days ago and He said I should share it with the group. I did. It stirred faith in them and we started praying as victors. Today, the brother is well and alive. He is living perfectly fine. If I had kept shut, my silence would seal the fate of that brother.

The brother that said he would die, did he receive the prophecy from God? If yes, why would the Holy Spirit show me a different vision? Is God now an author of confusion?

Let me repeat again, the speakings of God always bring peace, love, comfort, victory, and it stirs faith in you. The renewal of our minds is key to walking accurately in the prophetic. There is a synergy between the eye of our understanding and the visions we receive from the realm of the spirit. Jesus was very clear about this:

‘The lamp of the body is the eye. Therefore, when your eye is good, your whole body also is full of light. But when your eye is bad, your body also is full of darkness. Therefore take heed that the light which is in you is not darkness.’ ~ Luke 11:34–35.

If your consciousness is built with demonic knowledge, you will always pray and see demons sometimes to the point that they oppress you. But if your consciousness is built with the knowledge of God, your visions will be full of angelic activities. Now as an intercessor or one who walks in the prophetic, there are times you see activities of darkness and their counsels, your job is not to announce it, your job is to nullify it, that is the reason you are seeing it. Don’t come and announce on any platform and say demons have been deployed in a particular location and people may start dying in that place, immediately you mention it, you have legalized that operation on earth, people will start dying. Your words are life and spirit, it is not wise to utter negative counsel with your words. Stay in your closest and nullify it with the word of God intelligently. If you need to talk about it publicly, you are only bound to make declarations in line with God’s word.

1. The moment you utter a word in the physical realm, you have granted that word legality to be fulfilled.
2. When we see a future event, if it is evil, please, do not ever utter it. Just intelligently release words to nullify it. Once you release negative words, it will take a great deal to avert them. Just released the words of light.
3. Remember, the speakings of God bring love, faith, peace, joy and establish righteousness.




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