I handled a situation sometime last year. It was an issue with a minister of the gospel who had walked in signs and wonders but was vacillating, especially when he lost a son. This man once healed a mad woman and sacked the power of darkness in a village in Oyo state. Despite his exploit and the demonstration of power, he had seen, he still believed that witches and darkness existed in his reality, he believed they could kill him, and most of his prayers were focused on enemies and enemies. He pastored in a church where they studied the enemy, and all prayers were 99% enemy based. I once had a teenager in his church who told me that it is like they are cursing in the church anytime they are praying. He literally dominated that village with his gospel and spread Jesus. He shared these things with me when I met him, he was on a sick bed at this time.

One afternoon, every member of the family felt a cold chill, and his son developed a fever. The son soon died some days later. That singular event made him and his family give supremacy to darkness. His religious background, where they mix Jesus with diabolical processes, never helped matters.

After his son died, he also started experiencing a boil. The small boil grew so large that he carried it for years. When our paths crossed via a church, I did not pay attention to the matter because it is rude for a brother to approach a pastor and say that he wants to solve a spiritual matter. The situation grew worse. My GSWMI family and I had just concluded a crusade in my state at the time, and we had a dinner night courtesy of the host, I had worked myself out with the crusade, and I had to do a lot of work during the dinner too. I left them at the venue when my work was done, and I moved to the hotel room to rest for at least an hour before I was called upon again. As I lay on the bed, I saw a vision— it was this pastor, he was so clean and healed. I saw him at his compound going about his normal activities. It was not the first time I would see a vision this way, and I knew what the Lord wanted to do immediately. With my tired body, I made a determination to be at his church the next day and have a conversation with him and probably pray for him if he was open to it. It was at the meeting he shared his previous exploit with me, I looked at him stunned. I told him if he realized the manner of the Spirit in him and how he had used his mindset to subject his body and family to inferior elements. He was not having any of it, and I was too unimpressed to share more. He was a pastor with so much experience, and I am a little brother that probably does not know much. I prayed for him, and I shared communion with him some days later.

They were, however, seeing this baba who was interested in traditional medicine. Prior to this time, they had consulted a herbalist and were undergoing treatment with him. This herbalist even owns a uniform church in my city, but he requested to leave when the diabolical stuff was too much. The baba with traditional medicine was only using leaves, and he must come at certain times, or else the leaves will not work. I told him to stop all those things and pointed him to the Scriptures, and if he needed physical treatment, he should use a doctor. His wife and advisers said that drugs would worsen the situation. This is one of the reasons I do not like handling issues like this, an unrenewed mind can almost make the anointing of no effect. Why would I be praying for you when you are consulting a herbalist? Then, he had an array of prophets that would tell him prophecies of doom and the person that has inflicted him. To make matters worse, the person who supposedly inflicted the illness was a close family member who should be by his side every time, but she did not even see him face to face all through the sickness. I gave them some scriptures, and his daughter would read them to him and started experiencing changes, but he continued to frequent the herbalist’s house. I had told them he was healed, and I was so sure, but I told his handlers to warn off those men with prophecies of doom, and they should stir him with the word of God, not news of the person supposedly inflicting him. I told them he would not live if they continued to thread this path. This was a man of God for God’s sake. There was a time he had to call Apostle Johnson Suleman, the man of God had a video conference call with him and told him exactly what I had been saying for weeks.

One evening, this man started shouting that soldiers were in his room to carry him. When I was told, I cried, they had tampered so much with his imagination and confused his reality. That was the night he left the world. I was pained to the bones. His wife has been moving with the same mindset and has turned me into a prayer consultant of some sort. He recently requested that I come to do a vigil at their house and pray for the family. I want to sort out their reality, but I cannot do it if they keep the same circle of people who enforce this evil reality. I had asked the Lord to supply her house rent so that I can move her to a place where she can be comfortable learning God with her kids without the influence of religion and without the power of the Holy Ghost. I do not want the kids brought up that way. I know I will do this soon.

An unrenewed mind is a stumbling block to the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. I have seen people experience powerful miracles, and yet they threw it in the wind because of a carnal mindset. Scriptures reveal that the carnal mind is enmity against God. I prefer that people continually grow in the word and not think the Holy Spirit is some sort of jinni you can use to clear up problems when you want. It is the word that builds you, delivers your inheritance among the saints in the light and helps you keep what you have received and even multiply it.



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Paul Shomer Ademujimi

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