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His mother was opposed to the marriage. The pastors as well. All sorts of allegations and revelations were flying left and right. They were not compatible. She was possessed. She was bad-mannered. She would not allow her parents to enjoin him once marriage happens. It was all an untidy affair.

He met her at her sister’s apartment. He would usually come around and spent some time at her sister’s place since they lived in the same city. Her baby was her sister’s neighbour. They talked and started off as friends, and after a short while, they started dating. He loved her. She loved him too, but his mother, sisters, and pastors were big hindrances. They all objected to the union. He was adamant and determined to have his way. He picked the day of his court wedding, and his mother and family were angry. He was going to get married without anyone’s blessings and was literally fighting his own family except his brother. His brother informed me. I told his brother to tell his brother to send me a message. It was so bad that his sister and her dad had a shouting match. Her dad said they were going to do the wedding without them anyway, which infuriated his family more. They were all at loggerheads

He reached out, and we started talking. He told me his side of the story. I told her to inform his babe to reach out too. I spoke with the babe. She is sound and intelligent. Spirit-filled and growing in grace. I requested his sister’s contact, I called her and asked what the problem was. ‘’She is arrogant, proud, lacks home training, and she brings different guys home and has sex with them’’ his sister said. "Okay, ma, I will call you back," Paul replied.

Paul called the intending bride. The boys were childhood friends that her parents knew, and they hung out as friends. Her babe knows about her friends too. Paul told the intending husband that he would speak to his mother and reach a resolution.

‘’Hello mummy, I am ****, and I am calling on behalf of your son and intended wife.’’ Mummy shared her concerns. "A child of God filled with the Holy Ghost cannot be possessed, he has been translated out of darkness and now sits in Christ." She also talked about the dreams and pastors' prophecies, I told her the prophecy of the Lord concerning her child and intended wife and that God had not authored those prophecies. After our conversation, she gave her total approval for the marriage.

Paul called the couples and shared the news with them. He told them to go see his mother and ensured all things are done properly. He also told them to go see his sister; apologize when you need to, and bury all side talks.’’ Paul called the sister ahead and shared with her the need for her to support the intended couples. They both visited her and she buried all ‘’sentiments’’.

They had their court wedding a few weeks later, and they migrated to London about a month after the wedding.

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