Paul Shomer Ademujimi
2 min readMay 20, 2022

The whole problem started when he fought in the dream. After the fight in his dream, he woke up with physical marks on his body as if he had a tussle with someone physically. Suddenly, he started feeling feverish. He took some drugs, but nothing worked. His wife took him for a test and they diagnosed him with malaria and typhoid. He bought drugs and started treating malaria and typhoid. However, he did not get any better. His health situation was spiralling.

His wife took him to the hospital. The initial diagnosis was a kidney infection, but they need to run tests for confirmation. His blood percentage was low at this point. It was a strange and fearful turn of events. He rarely gets sick, so it was challenging for her wife to see his health spiral overnight.

The doctor later diagnosed him with sepsis, a chronic and deadly kidney disease. They’ve been in contact with Paul since the beginning of the health challenge. Paul told his wife to relax, the diagnosis and symptoms were not real, there is no oppression or sickness in Zoe.

The doctor admitted him immediately. Paul called and prayed with them, he told them to do the test again and they will be fine. One night, Paul’s phone rang late at night, it was the couple while still at the hospital. The husband suddenly felt a presence holding him down to the bed. He couldn’t talk, Paul laughed and spoke to the environment. He told the angels to take charge and no other spirit was permitted in the vicinity. It was over.

Four days later, Paul got a message from his wife that they have been discharged from the hospital. Malaria, typhoid, sepsis, and all symptoms were a mirage. Dreams and evil realities have no hold over a born-again believer.

PS: The lowest form of communication in the realm of the spirit is a dream. Demons use dreams a lot to afflict people and a believer can be subjected to the realities of dreams only if he does not understand who he is in Christ Jesus. The believer is only permitted to have night visions (a closed vision). We should not confuse this with a dream. A demon cannot manipulate this realm, but your mindset and understanding of the gospel can influence it. Dreams and demons have no hold on the believer, they are all mirages.

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