The Perfume

Paul Shomer Ademujimi
2 min readJan 28, 2023

She did not expect her blooming career to take a worse turn that morning, her dreams were up in flames when she had a horrible encounter with a strange worker. She was a young, fresh graduate, and beaming with so much energy after leaving NYSC, she made a quick entrance into the finance industry. She is brilliant, and her career projection is one any young graduate will covet.

She got a job at a company in Lagos; one morning, a staff member called her, and they walked into the bathroom. The staff brought a perfume spray and sprayed it on her. That was when the problem started. It was as if litter waste was poured on her. She became irritable and smelly. She tried speaking to her colleagues, but they avoided her, she was stinking. She was really embarrassed. When she got home, she was advised to leave the job. Which light runs away from darkness! It should be the other way around.

She was plunged into dark episodes. She became fearful, with a dread feeling. She had to retire indoors. She left her job. Her days would be dreadful and filled with strange thoughts. She could not bear the fact that she was smelling. The episodes made her lose her faith in the word of God. One minute she wants to commit suicide, another minute she just wants to walk away from home. She had no confidence or awareness in Christ, she kept sinking. She is spirit-filled, her knowledge was lacking. She was not confident at interviews anymore. She appeared stuck in a position, and she was barely getting along.

‘’Good evening, I am ********* from Twitter’’, she wrote to Paul. Paul listened to her story. Are you filled with the Holy Ghost? Paul inquired, and she replied in the affirmative. Wow, you have enormous power within you, you cannot be put into any bondage. They prayed together in the Holy Ghost for a few minutes and declared over her. He sent her the scripture to read out loud and declarations to confess before. He instructed her to stop praying demonic prayers, as they were negatively affecting her reality. Demonic consciousness is not meant for believers but for people in darkness. In Zion, we learn about our reality in Christ Jesus, and devils are not part of that reality.

A few days later, she sent Paul a message; “I feel better, my joy is back, I feel a bit restrictive, though.” Paul requested, “Let’s do a call.” They prayed together again, and he gave her declarations. He encouraged her to keep her fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

Barely a month after they prayed together, she got a job at a big firm in Lagos. She was back in faith and growing in her reality. The salary is seven times that of the job she left four years ago. She is doing great in her career and looking forward to a glorious future.

This event happened in Lagos, 2019. She met Paul on Twitter in November 2022.



Paul Shomer Ademujimi

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