The life called Zoe

There is a family disease that is hereditary in my family. I lost my dad at age 12 due to this disease. They have tried to give it a name, but scientifically, the name given to it revealed that this particular sickness cannot be hereditable. Anyway, it was passed down from parents to children. In the family, there are certain foods we avoided because of this sickness once we start showing symptoms. Mistmag drug solution was a handful in the family because the disease was always accompanied by excruciating stomach pain, even at the initial stages. We took mistmag like water.

I remember one of my aunts undergoing surgery because of this disease. Anytime I take any of the forbidden foods, I could purge for 3 days by taking a small plate. Richer family folks have more regimented food choices. My uncle has the first and best hospital in my hometown, and despite his wealth of experience in medicine, he could not fathom and provide a lasting solution to this disease. But they were precautionary drugs. I remember those days when I would follow my dad to my uncle’s house to get drugs for this disease. They were drugs for those of us showing mild symptoms, which were largely mistmag, and for advanced stages, like my dad, there was a more stronger drug. I would often hear stories of how family members battled this disease; because of it, my dad was transferred from Lagos to be closer to his people at home. It was terrible.

One day in the Assembly of the Saints, I said to the Lord, "This is the end of the disease ravaging like a plague in the family." I said it out loud and went back to school. I cooked the food that triggers a series of symptoms in us, and I ate it. At first, I purged badly, but I went ahead and cooked it again, and I said, "Lord, it is either I kill this disease now or it kills everyone." I ate it again. That was how it ended. Then I rose and declared that no one before me or after me will ever be plagued by this disease ever again. In over ten years that I have made this decree, no one had ever been hospitalized because of this disease in my family. No one had lost his/her life again. And no one will ever will. Mistmag had miraculously disappeared from the family too. This is the reality of the life we have received in Christ. No family or hereditary disease in Zoe. There is no family curse or generational battle. This life is called Zoe.

In less than 2 hours (8 p.m. WAT), Meno will hold the Assembly meeting tagged "Zoe’’. Lives will be changed and set on course by the power of the Holy Spirit. If the Spirit bids you, join us:



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Paul Shomer Ademujimi

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