The Gospel Simplified

Paul Shomer Ademujimi
4 min readMar 9, 2022

This minister of the gospel preached on her WhatsApp status and the 9th ranking official in her denomination saw it and took her on. The following conversation ensued in his office:

RC: What happened to you?

CB: Nothing happened to me.

RC: You ran away because you wronged me.

CB: I didn’t run away ooh, I was just not around.

RC: You know, the most painful thing was that I was with you on that day and you didn’t think of asking me saying, that and that you said I disagree with you. Instead, you went and wrote it on Social Media; you wrote against me — my own daughter. You know that not everyone has access to me but you choose to misuse the access you have with me.

CB: I know Sir, but I didn’t misuse any access.

RC: Did you not know the devil can oppress someone?

CB: That means they don’t know who they are. The scripture affirms that we are like Christ on earth, can the devil oppress Christ? Isaiah 53:10, 1John 4:17

RC: Are you Christ? Better don’t deceive yourself. Only if you can walk on water, heal the sick and feed 5000 with two fishes.

CB: Ahh Sir, scripture says greater things we will do. John 14:12. Matthew 21:21. Mark 16:17. Luke 10:17

RC: First do the ones Christ has done first before you talk about doing greater than Him. Don’t you know that there is something called Foundational curses? If someone has not dealt with their foundation by undergoing deliverance, everything that foundation was known for will continue to follow them.

CB: Then why did the scripture old things have passed away, behold all have become new? 2 Corinthians 5:17, Colossians 1 and 2, Ephesians 1 and 2.

RC: The old things referred to was the sins of the past. They still need to deal with their foundation so that they will not be attacked by the devil.

CB: Sir, do you know there are people that just gave their lives to Christ, become filled with the Holy Spirit and heal the sick without undergoing no deliverance? Mark 16: 15–18

RC: That means they have a good foundation. You know all these new generation churches, they teach how to profess, confess and not how to deal with their foundation. And yet, you will see their members still drinking beer and doing small sins.

CB: Hmm, Sir do you know it is the mind the devil fights with? So, whatever you believe in is what works for you that is why Scripture says we need to renew our minds. Some people think they are being oppressed because their minds are not renewed. Romans 12:1–2, Romans 8:5–8.

RC: Hmm, my dear I understand your point. Some sin paves way for the devil to attack but ehhn, just pray that you don’t get attacked because we sin every day and that can be an outlet for the devil to strike on.

CB: Ahh, I cannot be attacked oooh, and the scripture has declared me righteous so sin cannot be imputed to me. Romans 8:1–2, Psalm 32:1–2, Romans 4:8.

RC: Hmm, I will give you a book to read on foundations.
Where did you go to though?

CB: Officially, I went to stay with my uncle at Badagry but really, I went to school.

RC: Hmm, so you lied and lying is a sin. So, does that mean you didn’t commit any sin?

CB: I cannot sin ooh, when I do something wrong, I just confess it and move on and it is no longer imputed to me. Psalm 32:1–2, Romans 4:8 (You are Christ, walk as Him on earth, ensure you address all shortcomings by His power and the word in you)

RC: Hmm (tired of me), don’t worry, read this book. Open your mind when you are reading it so that you will understand these things.

CB: (Collects it out of respect, skims through) Ahnn Ahnn Sir, why are there so many satan satan things here? Ahh, nawa oooh. See that book there, God’s General, give me that one to read.

RC: I will give you when you’ve apologised, read that one.

CB: oooh I have not officially apologised. Okay, I will not apologise today, next time.

RC: It’s okay, I understand you though. You are filled with zeal but lack understanding because this is all new to you. I understand, I have also done that before when I was younger.

CB: Ohhh, thank you, Sir. Bye Sir.

PS: The major problem with many Christian circles is that they integrated idolatry ideologies and their practices into the gospel. People have refused to believe the gospel in its simplest form, it is amazing how they twist scriptures to suit their narratives. The Presence Holy Spirit in us means we can live a transcendent life if we choose His ways.



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