The Blessed and The Cursed

Before he was born, the odds were already against him. He believed God had cursed him because that is what he was told. Her mother noticed great discomfort during their pregnancy, but medical personnel could not explain it, so, she consulted with the prophets. “The woman was with twins,” the prophet said. “It was a spiritual battle; both of them will live in contention.” The one disturbing her is the cursed child. He will serve the other child. God had chosen his brother for a glorious destiny; he is the blessed child.

The mother went back home rejoicing, at least she has a glorious child, and the blessed child will compensate for the cursed one. She took a liking to the blessed child. She gave him a soft life. He spent his days at home. Their parents were wealthy, so there was no point for the blessed child to work. The cursed child was not worried about the preferential treatment given to his brother, there was no formal education in his country, and young guns are made to learn the family trade or be inventive themselves. He chose to be innovative and he became skilled in the animal business. Since he was the cursed child, he did not wait till they tell him that he had no inheritance. He took his destiny by his hand. He made losses in his business, and sometimes, he would come back home with nothing on him because of poor business outings. On one of those days, he came back home hungry, he was the cursed fellow so he had no access to many goodies in the house again. His brother would just cook and eat as much as he could. He approached his brother for assistance, and his brother demanded that he relinquish the only valuable gift he had left from the family. He was the cursed child, and he didn’t care, so he gave it to him, but he received help.

His father noticed how his wife pitched the kids against each other; he was busy making wealth for the family, so the woman had all the authority and influence to shape the kids’ destinies. He was not happy with how they had put him at a disadvantage. He made last-ditch efforts to help his son, he was old and could give him an inheritance to help him in destiny. He called his son and gave him a task to do in his business; the son was skilled in that area, and it was his turf. The mother got wind of it: “How would her husband give an inheritance to a child without a future? He was born a servant; the investment should not be wasted; her child with the glorious destiny should have it instead; he will be better fit to use the investment.” The woman made plans and did the job; she got all the help she needed. The blessed child was disguised as one who completed the task. The father believed and sanctioned the inheritance for the other son; he had no idea he had been deceived and hoodwinked by the woman again. When the scandal broke out, his brother had left the country. The mother had it all planned, and it was well executed.

It was as if everything was programmed to work against him. His business was not doing well. He started with no support from anyone. He cried and cried. Whom had he offended? Why is misfortune a friend in his destiny? He had many questions. However, he did not allow the challenges of the business world to weigh him down. He mastered his craft and learned the art of trading. Through his business dealings, he built friendships across and beyond the shores of his country. The blessed child continued in his shrewdness. 27 years later, they met again. The ‘cursed child’ had built a kingdom with 400 councillors overseeing it. The blessed child had almost nothing compared to his ‘cursed’ brother. He asked for his forgiveness, and his brother accepted him. He held no grudge against him. His brother learned that shrewdness was not the way of life and that walking with the blessings of God and aligning yourself with them will help you live a fulfilled destiny. He discovered that his brother was not cursed with the exploits he had done in the world. They shared personal moments, and they departed.

PS: The Holy Spirit do not allow loafers to walk into their destinies. Be diligent. No matter the excuse that surrounds you, do not allow them. Together with the Holy Spirit, you direct the course of your destinies.



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