The Believer and Senses (Dreams and Visions) Part 3

Paul Shomer Ademujimi
3 min readJun 13, 2022

I decided to write again on this subject because of the nature of the requests I received after the last article.

I used to have sex in my dreams almost every day.
I used to eat in my dreams.
I used to see myself in old houses in my dream.
I used to see myself in my old schools.
I used to see myself walking on old and tattered roads.
I used to write old exams in my dreams.
I have seen my female loved ones come to me in dreams and start having sex with me, young and old alike.
I have seen new roads turned old and tattered in my dreams while walking on the streets.
There was a time I would talk to the dead people in my dreams one by one or sometimes in groups.
My house almost got burnt because of demonic nonsense through dreams.
There was a time I would see dirt all over my house and all sort of irritating animals, all in my dream.

During these strange times, I was a Sunday School teacher, a Children and Teen teacher, and a drama minister. It is also important to note that I was filled with Holy Ghost. I had had a few encounters with the Holy Spirit at the time, I could preach very well too but the oppression continued.

Do you know what bailed me out? Knowledge.
My people perish because of lack of knowledge.

Do you know that you are joined with the Lord and no spirit can molest you?
Do you know that believing that one power from your village, mother and father’s house can afflict you is an insult to the Holy Spirit? It is like saying demons can afflict the Holy Spirit, you have been joined with Him.
Do you know that your spirit is now above and no spirit below you can afflict you?

Your mind and words are like a magnet, they attract. Once your theology is built up with enemies here and there and those that are after your life, you will not be able to control certain realities around you.

Your words are life and spirit, the more enemy-conscious you are in the place of prayer, the more enemies flock around you and demonic agents. The principle is simple, you are bringing them into your reality with your words, you are giving them life. Even Scientology believers understand this basic principle, so they tell you to speak positively and say it to the universe. Amazingly, believers in whom the Holy Spirit dwells — the most potent force in heavens and on earth are the ones thinking about enemy everywhere and they can hardly pray without casting and binding. If you continue that way, demons will always be present around you.

Let me say this again, the entities you have business with as a believer are recorded in Hebrews 12: 22–24. You have to deliberately train yourself to be Zion-conscious before you can start seeing the changes you desire. No demon dare appear in my dream. No witch or wizard dare call my name in their coven. My spirit responds to the Holy Spirit only not demonic manipulation.

The day I started believing what I just wrote here was when those afflictions stopped. I am too zion-conscious for the word enemy to come up in my conversation. I take a hundred per cent responsibility for my reality because I have been given all things that pertain to life and godliness.

If you are still battling with this dream malady, kindly send a DM.



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