Teenagers and The Gospel

Paul Shomer Ademujimi
2 min readMar 9, 2022

Early 2022, I developed a new method of interacting with the Teenagers in my class. The traditional way of doing things had always been to sing, pray and teach from a structured manual. Sometimes, I would walk into the class, and hear them speak, share their mind, glean from their mindset. During one of these sessions, I discovered that some didn’t believe many accounts in the Scriptures.

For example, many of these guys do not believe that the Israelites walked on dry land in the middle of the Red Sea; they doubt every supernatural act documented in the Scriptures, and ultimately, they doubt every supernatural act of Jesus. They also doubted every supernatural act of the founding fathers of the church denomination, even though it was founded on the charismatic move of the Holy Spirit. These teenagers are very logical and process information through rational thinking. However, logic cannot explain the realm of the Spirit — so away with spiritual stuff. You also need to understand that people are built by the Word of God and not supernatural manifestations. However, supernatural acts are a critical aspect of the gospel.

The Bible, starting from Genesis to Revelation, reveals the nature of the Father, that logic and rational thinking can never comprehend. The problem with these teenagers is that they have learned God as a theory and not a reality. Necessity is laid on us to ensure that God is a reality, and the supernatural becomes a reality to them.

Last Sunday, I walked into the class and told them to ask questions bothering them. One of them asked me where the spirits of animals go after death? It was an interesting question, and I had to remind them of the composition of man and animal with sound scriptural references.

As I taught, I noticed a student was weak and sleeping. I asked what the problem was, and he said he had a pounding headache. I had demonstrated live healings in their presence in the past, I was teaching on Zoe and transfer of power from our hands. I wanted it to become natural for them, so I asked the boy to move closer and asked another student to pray for him. Before the prayer, he rated the headache 8/10; that must have been one hell of a headache.

The student prayed, and I asked the one with the headache to rate the level of pain he was experiencing, and he said it was a 5/10. I decided to show them another way this healing can also be done. So, I held the student’s hand (I did not pray), I continued teaching for the next 2 minutes. I asked him to rate the level of pain; he said 1/10. I repeated the last process for a minute and asked him to rate it, and he said it was a 0/10. I told him to jump, shake his head and shout as loud as he could. He did all, and the headache was gone completely.

Gradually, we are training a generation on what it means to have the life of God on the inside.



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