Talking Stage

Paul Shomer Ademujimi
3 min readFeb 6, 2022

It was her friend that introduced her to him.
He checked her profile on one of the Social Media sites.
They are living in different countries.
He is living in a West African country.
She is in a Southern part of Africa.

He liked what he saw.
She is a beauty to behold.
She loves God.
She is on fire.
She has big visions and expectations from life too.
It was all over her TL.

He felt she could be the one. A match made from heaven.
He spoke to her friend. “Tell me more about her? How did you guys meet?”
Her friend caught the signal,
He was interested.
As she was chatting with him,
She went to her DM “I have a fire brother with an interest you”
She asked how the brother got to know about her.
“Through me” she responded.
He wants a relationship, but she wanted a friendship at first.
Before he could ask her to take sister’s consent to share contact,
She had made the move.
He was surprised, but he wanted it.
They exchanged contact.

“Hello ***a**”,
He introduced himself and ask for friendship consent.
She said yes.
He hoped friendship will metamorphose into a relationship.

They started off on a pleasant note.
Exchanging messages via WhatsApp morning, afternoon and night.
He talked about himself.
She asked a lot about him.
He answered all questions truthfully.
She shared some things about herself too.
They were having a pleasant time,
At a time, they were sharing their itinerary with each other.
They were really growing into each other considering they just met.
They were sharing voice notes too.
She talked about her vision.
He shared little about his.
It aligned. It was looking real.
They have aligned hobbies.
Due to the progress, he requested a video call anytime she’s at work.
He waited for her consent.
She turned it down.
He didn’t see the request as a big deal.
He moved on.

However, he felt something was a little off.
There was a pushback some sort off.
He tried to understand it.
He asked if she was an introvert.
She laughed it off.
She said “She’s the most audacious person he will ever meet”
Then he asked why she is hiding.
She claimed she just met him.
He didn’t deny it.
He told her to ask anything about him; he is ready to answer all questions.
She suddenly claimed she was not open to friendship.
Her last friendship with an opposite-sex ended a few months ago after many years of being together.
So, she is not in for friendship.
Oh wow!
He was confused.
She said it twice that friendship will work.
He asked her if she was open to a relationship.
She said no.
She apologized and recounted that she enjoyed every moment they shared.

It was so fast.
He couldn’t understand everything that happened.
He tried to understand what went wrong.
Of course, he respected her decision,
However, he needed to know what happened.
Was she recently served breakfast?
Was she having an issue and she could not bring herself to talk to him about it?
Did he say anything that put her off?
One minute they were doing great.
Another minute she switched off.
Just like that?

PS: Recently, I learnt about the Talking stage. I didn’t know about it. So, I read it up and I remembered a true-life event. Can you share your talking stage experience?



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