Take Charge

On my way to the farm sometime last month, the cab driver I boarded started sharing with us how successful he had become in the transportation sector in a city largely perceived to be the least entrepreneurial in the country. He got his first cab on instalment — a process where a good/new car is given to one on loan and you get to pay a fixed amount as a delivery fee daily for a certain period of time. Interest can range between 10% and 20%. You own the car afterwards. That was how he started the business. He did not have the advantage of tertiary education. He paid off the car loan and now owns the car fully. From his profit, he invested in more cars. He buys a new one, gives it to a trusted fellow to drive, and collects a delivery fee daily. At the time he was speaking to us, he had four cars, excluding his. The current price of the least expensive of his cars is 2 million naira. He is responsible for his siblings’ education and living comfortably. This man sat down and made a decision to work in a certain sector. He planned how to be successful in that field and stuck to his plan, backing it up with actions.

I was reminded of this story this morning when I received a call from my dear friend. She was discussing with someone, and the person said she needed to start praying some prayers to address the devil. He buttressed further to say that the reason my friend does not have a good job and why certain things are not working in her life is that she has not learnt to address the devil in her prayers. He went on to talk about the Prince of Persia, Jesus, the devil, and all. I listened carefully and asked if there was any prayer in the New Testament by anyone filled with the Holy Ghost addressing the devil. She said ‘none’. I briefly took her through the scriptures and narrated the story above.

Never forget this, ‘Money responds to value’. The world economy is built on ‘perceived value.’ Once people see that you can offer what they need, you will be rewarded immensely. The driver studied the system. He saw a need and came in to be one of the solution providers. He mapped out how to be more successful in the system and took action. He thrived. He simply took charge. He never told us he went on a fast or for a 40-day program. He simply understood the system and took the necessary actions to succeed. Imagine how much more a believer can do when you plan, equip yourself, and take action with the Holy Ghost!

Believers, you are more valuable and powerful. Stay in fellowship with the Spirit. Discover what God has called you to do. Do your studies and research. Take action. Soar. Your journey will be faster with the power of the Holy Ghost in you. You are in charge. Jesus said the prince of this world came to Him and found nothing of his in Him. Nothing that belongs to the devil can be found in you. You are a child of light so, walk in the light as He is. In His light, you see the light not in addressing the devil. Your life is upward and forward movement, take charge.



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Paul Shomer Ademujimi

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