Standing Tall

Paul Shomer Ademujimi
2 min readMar 16, 2023


A brother close to me was told to come to pay for a job opening at the House of Rep about 5–6 years ago for 700k, he was 45 years old at this time.

Ex-banker, got shot and the bank never paid his remuneration nor treated him. The Holy Spirit told him to not pursue legal recourse.

He did not take the job of course people felt he was crazy. He has a wife and 3 daughters to cater for.

He got out and started learning a new skill. A tech skill with young guns 20–25 years younger than him. He sat with them, and learned from them. He had sleepless night..

at the federal university in his city of residence. He bought cheap internet data and used their light overnight.

He registered for another course, a business training (where we met), during the training, he got an idea to hold body and soul together as he learned a new skill

A thrift collection business. He started it within an estate and combed more estate in that area. He bought a bicycle for the business and started doing the business himself.

Then doubled up on his tech career and kept on going higher. The last time Mark Zukerberg was

in Nigeria, he was one of the few to have a private meeting with MZ in Lagos. He met him and asked some personal questions.

Today, his tech company is thriving. He has won many scholarships with Google and trained many people.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of creativity,

innovation, invention. You have angels. They can teach you, they will bring ideas to you. You have the supernatural to give you an advantage anywhere and any time.

Believers are not dull. They are the most brilliant kind on earth. When you are in situations like that,

turn to the supernatural. When you play by the rules of this earth, you will lose your advantage and will not be able to influence your sphere for Jesus. You will put Christ at a disadvantage.

You can never be without advantage. There is nothing like norm. We live a higher life.

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