Paul Shomer Ademujimi
3 min readAug 1, 2023

Her parents had already perfected plans to take her to a psychiatric hospital in the state capital.
It was at that point she reached out to Paul on Twitter with a panic message; ‘’I need to see you. I feel like I am going to die’’
A dark cloud loomed over her, and she could see and sense it many times.
She developed erratic behaviour and could not function as a normal human at certain moments.
Sometimes, she could not control her senses and personally questioned her sanity.
Then, her eyes opened, not to see esoteric communications of Zion but demonic influences.
She could sense evil around men, and evil would happen to them.
She will dream of evil, and evil will happen.
She became an access point for demons to execute their wills.
Not only were her mind and spiritual senses at the mercy of demonic influence,
Her physical body started deteriorating, she started shrinking and slimming down at an alarming rate.
She was becoming a shadow of herself.
Her confidence dipped.
She was hearing voices, voices that she will die.
Voices that she will not succeed at school, nor will she graduate.
She was seeing numbers and could not place their meanings.

He was just finishing up his prayers with a friend after 12 hours.
It was around 3 pm and he really wanted to rest but if he goes to bed without seeing her, he wouldn’t forgive himself, it was an emergency.
She had to sneak out to seek help.
They arranged a meeting, and they met in the next hour.
Immediately he walked in, ‘’Your face looks so radiant and brightened’’ she said
‘’It is the glory’’ he responded smiling.
He listened to her story patiently.
Then, he went on to share the Word of God with her.
He addressed her guilty conscience and shared the gospel with her.
He held her hands and prayed in the spirit
She started losing her balance and felt relieved after a while.
They fellowshipped together and gave her some instructions.
A few weeks later, she called Paul again;
‘’I am losing it, I am not going to graduate’’
Paul told her to give him her free time and that they needed to do something together. A date was fixed.
They got on the call on the fixed date
He told her to get to a place where she would not feel embarrassed, a place alone.
He told her to put the call on video and look straight at him.
‘’Read John 10 and Psalm 24'’ he instructed her.
She started reading,
On the second read, she started struggling to read.
She started coughing, belching and stretching.
He commanded to spirit to leave her at once.
After a while, she got back to her normal self.
He told her to continue her intimacy with the Holy Spirit and gave her some scriptures to read daily.
Last week, she graduated from her university.
Her body is fully back in shape, and her health is restored.
No more dark clouds.
No more sadness and evil visions.
She is as joyous as ever.

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