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4 min readOct 12, 2022

When her mum gave birth to her, she visited prophets who could see into the future and tell her about the child. Out of her 5 children, she is the only one with a mixed omen. Before she turned 12, she had multiple sex scandals hanging on her neck, all with male neighbours. It was not something she could explain or control.

Her father died at the age of 7. The task of taking care of 5 children alone overwhelmed her mother and, coupled with her wayward nature. Her mum had to send her to her grandmother. It was there that she learnt to be wild. She enjoyed the company of boys and tasted sex before the age of 10. It was from her grandmother’s place that her mum was hearing reports of her lifestyle.

She was brought home, but that did not change anything. Even though she was born into a Christian family, her lots was not any different from one who was not born into a conservative family. The preying boys knew her kind and would often take advantage of it. She trained her body for lust at such a young age.

At 16, she was pregnant. It was disastrous for the family. Her mother was a noble Christian in the church, holding a high position and has a seat in the church council. It was a shame that cannot be covered. Her mother cried her eyes out. The pregnancy was discovered from the school which made it more scandalous. There was a pastor to whom the Lord showed a vision of a pregnant teenager who would commit suicide. The pastor moved to action the next day, he made the announcement, and she went to see him later. This was how God saved her and the baby’s life.

The next few years were traumatic for her. It was also an extremely painful period for the family. The boy took responsibility and never denied the pregnancy. Her family stood by her and showed her love. She was never allowed to leave with the guy but they allowed the guy unrestricted access to the family and house. She gave birth. Her education had to stop for 3 years. She was strong and battled all forms of depression.

Her formative years were traumatic, she did not grow at the pace of a normal child, and the pressure of motherhood at such a young age coupled with the fact that she had to behave as a mini-wife to the guy. It was not a period for such.

After the whole child fiasco, the tendency to have sex did not stop. She maintained multiple sex partners and, in some cases, it was public knowledge. She made a determination to go back to school and earn herself a degree, but her mother was not supportive. It was a real fight. In the end, her will prevailed. She became more rogue in school, her mum’s frequent visits to ‘prophets’ did not change a thing. She would come back with dangerous prophecies that would further darken her reality. The ‘prophets’ told them many things I cannot share here.

During one of those heartfelt conversations, she told her mum that some people would normally visit her and talk to her, beings that are not restricted by physical walls. They would come and tell her they brought a message from olodumare (A Yoruba word for a mystical being regarded as supreme). Her mum shared it with Uncle Paul. He took up the matter. He had a discussion with her. He showed her the Holy Spirit and the power of resurrection. Being filled with the Holy Ghost rids one off of certain realities and dispels darkness. No child of God has a relationship with darkness.

Uncle Paul got her filled with the Holy Ghost and registered her in a bible class. The strange visitors stopped coming, she now belongs to the Assembly of the Saints in Christ Jesus. Her mum frequented the ‘prophets’ and their evil prophecies continued to shape her reality. She came back home one day with a prophecy of how the Lord would deal with her and make her suffer if she did not change. A strange incident happened to her that morning, Uncle Paul got to know about it and called her, he made his pronouncement according to the word of the Lord and that nonsense stopped on its track. The word was never from the Lord. Uncle Paul kept on encouraging her in the Lord and ensured she is inspired in the path of righteousness. No judgement, just keep growing at your pace. One day, she told Uncle Paul how she had aborted 8 pregnancies, Uncle Paul showed her the word of God and he never judged nor condemned her. Step by step, the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit rid her of those tendencies. She got control of her body and expelled every sex and unsex partner. She was free.. Glory! The power of His presence transformed her. Today, she is a growing minstrel and she is great in the Lord. She is rounding off her final year papers today in glorious style.

Dear TOA, you have been raised by Him as a bearer of His glory. Continue to burn and shine. Walk in His will. This is to a great future. I love you.

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