Paul Shomer Ademujimi
2 min readDec 16, 2023

She was going through one of the lowest moments of her life; she entered the wrong marriage, one that had ebbed life out of her; she was lost. She consistently suffered abuse of all forms, and she became a shadow of herself. It was in the middle of that that her company was retrenching staff. It was the wrong time for such news from her workplace.

Caller: Brother Paul, they are about retrenching staff in my company; I am to be sacked. I need the favour and mercy of God.
Paul: Let’s pray…

They prayed in tongues for a few minutes. Then he saw a vision. He told her a lifting is coming for her, and she should rest assured that all things were working for her good.

A few months later, she was retrenched from the job without compensation. She initiated a divorce, and it was completed. Leaving a bad marriage to losing a job when she is responsible for the children’s upkeep sounds like being in miry clay and going deeper into it. They got a trade union in her country involved with the disengagement and employment issues. She called Paul with her worries, and he reminded her of the word of the Lord to her. He told her to relax, and everything was working for her good. He prayed for her.

The following month, she got a temporary job. She got the bills cleared. Then, her former company paid some compensation. All of a sudden, her ex-husband started clearing up the children’s bills; from the marriage experience, that was the last thing her husband would do.
The new company made a proposal to her without applying, and she was offered different positions in the company. She is now the second-ranking staff member in her department.

Remember this: you are always at an advantage.

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