Poem of Havilah

Paul Shomer Ademujimi
2 min readApr 22, 2024

She is the girl
The girl who saved everyone the shame
She was the girl-baby that brought the end,
end of the game
The game of chess, of losing continuously
while burying the king and queen
She brought families together again
But they had no idea what was to come
They only wanted succour, to bask in the freedom
Freedom from shame cycle
Freedom from gossip and preying eyes
Yet what is to come is another cycle.

This time, a cycle of feebleness
The cycle of “Have we not been plagued enough?”
The cycle of circling round hospitals
The cycle of paying endless bills to find a solution
The fear has doubled now
The expectation can not be cut short now
The euphoria can not be allowed to drown
This must be a curse, spectators echo
Prophets were sought
Herbalists sent their best
Dicks and Harrys dropped their one cent
Just so there could be camaraderie
Just so we could move to better things

But we were stuck, halted and lost
seeking to be found, to find
Then, there appeared a glimpse of hope
A glimpse not enough to give a spark
Not to talk of fire, big enough to blaze the overwhelming forest
So they took it and ran with it
They learnt to believe it will end well
she will live long, very long
They grew over donkey years
they turned the glimpse to a spark.

At 25, they finally sent the demon packing
They sent the demon of endless affliction out
Look, the long years had done a number
A number on her esteem
A number on her expectations
A number on her ego, on her being
She could only wish
She almost always think nothing good can come to her
She is contented with average
People like her are not made for good things, great things
Anxiety and Panic was her companions
Living in perpetual fear of something must go wrong

A day came out of the strangest place
She saw a fire, a beautiful bright blue flame
She ran towards the indelible light
She entered a house full of colours, beautiful colours
Bright as the daystar
She entered and found an everlasting peace
A peace of hopefulness, of getting the best
The best always
She has turned the spark into a blazing fire
She has blossomed
She sets people free
She is flourishing, people testify
She is an ORCHARD now, where many feeds
… no shadow of turning
The only way is forward and upward

PS: ‭”But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd.”

Poem of Havilah

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