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Paul Shomer Ademujimi
5 min readMar 16, 2023

Muslim-Muslim Ticket. Christian-Christian Ticket. Christian-Muslim Ticket.

When you look at the Bible clearly, satan is the god of this world. He got this through the Adamic mandate. God had to find a way of influencing the earth again through Abraham so that he could bring Jesus as our saviour. He termed His relationship with Abraham as friendship, not a Son, nor his child, nor did he termed him the light of the world. A friend because this was solely satan’s jurisdiction and by spiritual authority, He cannot evade this space. A friend, was an intelligent word, satan cannot challenge the word. If Abraham was termed a Son, that means God had to provide the spiritual authority to have a Son on the earth, Sonship means the replica of God and with a defined territory of rulership, extending the will of the Father to that sphere of influence. That was not who Abraham was, he was His friend. Someone he could walk with to bring about His eternal plan and purpose which was Jesus unto manifestation. satan had no clue that this was what God was doing, Paul said God’s plan was shrouded in mystery hidden from the god of this age. If satan knew, he could have been unto Abraham. satan knew that redemption was coming but he did not know how, so whenever he saw something great, he seeks to destroy it quickly.

satan was in charge of the earth, and nations answered to him, by the time Israel as a nation was born, Israel was the only nation on earth dedicated to God. It was the only place angels could ascend and descend upon at will. It gives expression to God when He wanted. Whenever Israel seeks gods of this age, they pollute their spiritual atmosphere and all kinds of destruction broke out amidst them. It was the reason for their many sufferings.

When Jesus eventually came into the scene, it was too long for satan and his cohorts to realize. Since he is dull and his only answer to issues is to kill and destroy, he sought to kill Jesus, little did he know that Jesus’s death would end his reign and create a league of Sonship on earth. Since he cannot kill what is of God, he would not be allowed to kill Him. Look at the soldiers that came to arrest Jesus, they fell under the anointing, Jesus would have instructed the angels not to do anything and allow Him to be taken because He knew his time had come. During His lifetime, Jesus was persecuted; verbally abused and they attempted to kill Him many times. Why? satan is the god of this age, he will fight tooth and nail to ensure that many folks go with him into eternal damnation. This has always been the fight of ages; saving men from eternal damnation. In a bid to ensure this, he controlled the world systems, and their kings. He showed them to Jesus, he showed Him kingdoms that he will give them to Jesus if He could bow to him. Jesus came for the heart of these men and that is what satan was controlling and still control some till today, it was a brilliant offer from satan. Jesus said no that there is a better way to have access to men’s hearts. Jesus suffering paid our spiritual debt, we owe no one. He brought us into God and gave us the Spirit of God and made us Sons. When Jesus was leaving, he gave us the Sonship charge, it was not a political charge and it will never be done through politics, are we to be in the political climate, yes, that’s part of the sphere we will dwell in and bring in the sheaves through the supernatural and ideas. Our strategy is to raise Sons not a political movement. Vote your party of choice but remember that Sonship is our strategy, many Sons that understand the Sonship mandate that are spread all over.

The human system of governance should never determine your destiny, the human structure is not your hope, and the kingdom system is the determinant of your destiny. The human system is wired against your destiny in Christ because that is how it is meant to be. Look at the economic system of the world, if you do not learn to supplant it with the divine nature through divine wisdom at work in you, it will enslave you. So, Sons will arise with divine ideas that will liberate the people not enslave them further and take lives out of them. We have a Sonship mandate not a political movement that will make people keep working and working to make ends meet without being a blessing to nations. For now, support candidates, and provide them with divine ideas, Sonship ideas that brings true liberation. Remember Jesus said my Kingdom is not of this world, our kingdom is not of this world, we must learn, grow, walk in the reality of our kingdom then supplant the system of this world with it and bring the sheaves in. The manifestation on Sonship is to bring the sheaves in. We are not in for political movement, we are in for the kingdom.

On persecution, even our folks in the land of freedom can confirm to you that they are being persecuted heavily and it is the reason religion is dictating their politics strongly. Remember, it is the god of this world at work and it does not matter whose government is on the seat, he will always move people. When Paul and others were persecuted, it was due to people moving men and hiring thugs to kill them, not the government, it is the god of this age. Look at where persecution is strong, can’t you see that it is where sheaves are coming in massive numbers? Focus on how the Spirit is moving, Jesus never relied on the political structure to establish His kingdom in the hearts of men, He knew that human nature and the god of this age will fight the spread of His nature, so he never bothered. Human nature and it systems can never support the gospel. He built the people to play their role to government at the time. Our role is now bigger, the role of Sonship to the nations.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, Nigeria’s election will hold on Saturday, and we will enjoy the peace and prosperity of this land afterwards.



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