Money: Behaving like a child.

Paul Shomer Ademujimi
2 min readMay 1, 2022

The last month has been nothing short of supernatural financially for me including the time when money appeared from thin air in my account.

My business has been swallowing a lot of money, so I channel most of my funds into the biz. About 2 weeks ago, I told the Holy Spirit that I need money ooo.. Then, a few days later, I had this urge to open my bank app but my mind 😫😫😫. I did not do it.

Some days later, my friend requested a few thousand naira, I told him I was rich at that moment. Later on, I had reasons to check my bank app, and I discovered that my account balance had swelled drastically.

I started a clean search of my alerts via email, I saw all credit alerts; there was no alert of anyone sending me tens of thousands of naira.

The last place to look was my internet banking system, so I logged in to the app, beloved, all the records were cleared. I found no history. It was as if I started a new record. Apparently, I had the supernatural provision the day I was prompted to open my app and check my balance.

Then, I asked the Holy Spirit, “what should I do with this money?” Immediately I remembered a few welfare requests I received on previous days. I started crediting them. Sent little money to the farm, and I took myself to the Chicken Republic 😁😁😁. Piggy bank got its share too.

A few days later, I was joking with a group of friends and one of them said I should send my account number. I was like 😶😶😶. She said she just felt like sending money to me. By the time alert entered, I was shocked 😱😱😱.

Then, the following day, I got a message from one of my farm advisers that a piece of farm equipment was to be sold. The equipment is new, the owner’s business model changed, so he had to sell it to finance his new plan. He gave me the price, I needed the equipment badly because it is important to our operation instead of me paying for rent every time we need it. More so, the price is fantastic.

The Holy Spirit said I should put it on my WhatsApp status, I said Uhn 😱😱😱, it will not happen! The stirring was much, so I did it. In less than 2 mins, a friend said he will send me part of the funds, I couldn’t believe my eyes 😮😮😮. Then, some minutes later, I was speaking with another friend about how she should handle a particular problem, and then boom, she said she will send me some money after I told her about what God did for me that morning. Before 12 noon, I bought the machine. It shocked me too 😭😭😭.

When it comes to money, I have started behaving like a child.



Paul Shomer Ademujimi

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