Miry Clay

Paul Shomer Ademujimi
4 min readAug 20, 2023

At 35, he found himself homeless.
Ten years earlier, he wouldn’t have bargained that his life would turn out this way.
He did not know how the issue started, but he started hearing voices and seeing ghosts until he almost lost his mind.
He prayed a lot and held a lot of vigils, but nothing changed.
The voices would tell him to do all sorts of things.
He is a tongue-talking believer
However, his tongue is not producing the necessary power.

satan once masqueraded as the light but he was not the light,
He thought the voice was from God, it told him that for him to fulfil destiny, He had to separate himself from people.
From that moment on, his reality was distorted,
He stayed away from people as much as possible,
He viewed people from the lens of they are around to hurt him,
He sees people as witches.
He sees any help from people as an ulterior motive with evil intentions.
He took the attitude to his business and dragged his sales down.

Whenever he closed his eyes to sleep,
He sees the ghost standing at his door, talking to him.
His faculty of interaction with the metaphysical realm had been hijacked
His reality altered
He could not think anything straight.
He was living with a pastor.
He also started consulting pastors
But nothing worked
He felt God had abandoned him
He felt worthless
He felt God did not care
He was angry and decided to take certain actions,
He called one of his ex-girlfriends
They decided to meet up
Before they could say, Jack Robinson
His rod was already parting her Red Sea
After that moment, he felt that he had hit the rock bottom
Guilt overwhelmed him
The voice hit him so hard that he felt like committing suicide.

In the middle of the chaos, the pastor he was living with told Him about an academy that trains youth in business development,
It was where Paul was working,
It was a scholarship program,
That was where he met Paul.
He was likeable and spoke with so much grace and faith.
One day, he was doing the gospel on his WhatsApp status
He reached to him
He told him to see him at his office.
When they met at his office, he explained everything that is happening.
Paul looked at him, and asked him a question,
“If Jesus was on earth, will a demon be oppressing Him like this?”
It was like a ball of light hit his spirit.
“You are filled with the Holy Ghost
However, you have occupied your mind with strange knowledge and ideas of the Kingdom
A believer cannot be possessed by a demon, you are not possessed,
You have allowed a demonic reality due to the knowledge in you
Jesus clearly said, be careful that the light in you is not darkness”.
He has never heard it before
He’s read it in the scriptures but not alive in his spirit.
He joined his supernatural school.
This is where he learned Christ and the reality of Christ at work in him.
He took a while but the word prevailed in his spirit and gained ascendancy.
He would meet him often, visit him at home, hold his hands and pray with him.
He started working in miracles, signs, and wonders.
He held a ministry in the fellowship for a while
He is now a dispenser of eternal verities.

However, his business did not pick up,
Shortly after, he got a job to manage the business of the deputy governor of his state,
He lost his peace, he could not stay on the job.
The finance issue had to be sorted.
Sometimes, the fellowship would come in when they could.
He got a job to work in a school
The same thing happened, he lost his peace.
He would reach out to Paul with the complaints,
Paul would encourage him and tell him to keep growing in the mind of Christ.
He had to make a living,
The financial pressure was much.
But it seems the Holy Spirit had His plans anyway.

In the fellowship, they were asked to bear each other’s burdens, and he took it upon himself to check on some members of the fellowship.
He reached out to this sister to ask about her and pray with her if she had any requests,
It was as if they’d been friends for a while
His hydrogen started responding to her oxygen
The molecules started bonding together
He knew he had to ask her out and he did
The sister is living in a southern part of Africa
He stays in Nigeria
The sister said ‘’Yes!!’’

That was it.
The divine plan was set in motion.
They spoke to each other’s parents.
Introductions were done online.
Plans have hit top gear.
The final molecules will bond together in a few weeks.
He will travel down to tie the knot with a member of his family.
He will relocate to the southern part of Africa.
He is 38
The puzzle has been fixed by the together by the Holy Spirit
An assignment is waiting for him in the new country

This is predestination
This is the power of Zoe at work in the believer
This is life in God
The restorer
The orchestrator of Destinies
He knows you
You were formed in Him
Your essence is in Him
Do not struggle
Stop riding against the wind
Come learn of your essence in Him
My DM is open.

I love you
Paul Ademujimi



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