Transformation is a process. In many cases, growth happens in phases. Sometimes last year, two guys reached out to me.
One was masturbating, the other was a sexual addict. In most cases, when it comes to addiction, the desired change comes in phases and by constantly fellowshipping with His Presence in you. The power of God within a believer is transformative in nature. As you fellowship with the Holy Spirit, His nature dissolves into yours, and everything that does not look like His glory will be absolved by Him. This is how bad characters and the effects of flesh and the human spirit melt away. This is one of the powers of fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

At the time, the ministry had not started, so I would have to schedule individual time with everyone. Sometimes I could fellowship with one person for 30 days. So, we scheduled a time together. We agreed to spend just two weeks of fellowship, one hour daily. I knew what the Holy Ghost wanted to do in that short time. All that was required of them was their commitment.

We had the session on the first day and it was great. On the second day, only one person showed up. On the third day, none showed up. One said he trades forex and nights are super important. The other said he lacked data. I contracted someone to send him data anytime he needed it. All he had to do was to call the data seller and request it. He got data and still did not make it every night. He was a trader at Araria International Market, so he claimed to be busy. Sometimes I wonder if people truly want issues resolved or if they just want folks who will pat their backs and encourage them to continue on the wrong path. Or they probably need someone who can wave a magic wand.

The inability to subject the flesh and human spirit in order to give the Holy Spirit a chance to change you will rob you of the change that should happen in your spirit, soul, and body. The Holy Spirit can do quick work, and He also mostly subjects the individual to His process of transformation. When it is the latter, be patient. Either way, transformation is a necessity. If you experience a miracle or change by the Spirit, you will need to keep it by the Spirit. If you also want a miracle/change by the Spirit, it will come by the Spirit. You cannot ignore fellowship. God is not a jinni or magician that you can use anytime you want.

Homo Christus | i Teach, Write and Live the Gospel | Children and Teenagers | Founder, Anil Farms | Christ wing | Meno | +2348037714863 (WhatsApp only)

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Paul Shomer Ademujimi

Homo Christus | i Teach, Write and Live the Gospel | Children and Teenagers | Founder, Anil Farms | Christ wing | Meno | +2348037714863 (WhatsApp only)