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Paul Shomer Ademujimi
3 min readOct 7, 2022

She was spirit-filled, tongue-talking, but she was that Christian who would yield to the flesh rather than the Spirit. She’s been having sex endlessly before this time until she slept with a guy with HIV and AIDS. The Holy Spirit had been beckoning her to stop, but she wouldn’t stop. She wanted it, and she would always have her way.

After her usual sex, the guy called her and said that he was HIV positive. He sent her results from two different hospitals. It was a crazy reality. She couldn’t sleep. She was disturbed. No one to reach out to. Immediately, she remembered the group she was part of, an online group, and she sent me a message. It was around 1 am. I was sleeping, and there was no way I could respond immediately. He left a long convo of her ordeal, I woke up around 4 am to read it. I checked the message and spoke to the Holy Spirit, I perceived no danger. So, I told him God is in charge and she was fine.
She went on to do two tests at two different hospitals, she was clean. I asked the Holy Spirit what happened without praying for her, He said angels responded in time. I was like ‘’wow’’.

That same night a sister called me with a life and death issue, I was asleep too. She was calling from a region with a 9–12 hour time difference from mine. I was asleep, so I couldn’t pick up. I sent her a message in the morning, then she said the Holy Spirit took over. Again, angels got to work immediately as her requests came in. The supernatural is a consciousness you can build and make a daily experience for yourself.

When I started growing in my reality in Christ, I came to my local church and tweaked the teaching manual. I started teaching them their Christ identity and how to grow in the Life Christ gave them. Then, every Sunday, I would do a demonstration of that life, I started with healing anyone with any form of health complaint, I taught them how to pray and got them all filled with the Holy Ghost. Subsequently, they learnt how to heal themselves. One day, I taught them about Jesus and I asked them how many of them would like to see Him, some raised up their hands, I prayed for them. Within 2 weeks, 2 of them had an encounter with Jesus. These guys never understood their reality and what was possible in the life they received, I made Christ real to them and we will continue to raise a generation that will walk fully in their Kingdom Realities.

Meno Heritage Generation is starting this weekend. We will be teaching kids (7–15) how to start to walk as Christ on earth and demonstrate His life. If you are a parent and you want your kids to learn and grow in the knowledge of Christ from an early age, please join this WhatsApp group:

Meetings will hold every weekend (Telegram — fully online for now) and other modalities will be discussed with parents.
The Kingdom of this world has become the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.



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