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A sister wrote to me in February 2022.

She was 13 when the guy she called “uncle”, showed up in her room stacked naked. She was living with her grandfather at the time and the guy was an employee of her grandfather.

The guy showed her how to touch sensitive parts of his body. She started the hand job he taught her till he cum. This was her first contact with the world of sex and her first exposure to man. The guy came in at another time and repeated the same thing with her. She did the hand job again and he cum. After the second encounter, she decided not to stay in her room alone until her grandpa comes back from work. However, the whole hand job thing continued for a while until the guy impregnated a lady and was chased out of the house.

She thought her nightmare had ended till she was 15 and got entangled with a radio presenter. This new guy taught her how to touch her body in a certain way till she derives pleasure. For the first time in her life, she started feeling a kind of love, she did not know what love meant because she couldn’t get one from her family. She came from a polygamous family and it was a tense affair with their father.

The radio presenter showed her love, so it was easy for him to influence her and made her do his biddings. She was with various men at one point or the other, no real sex, just mouth and hand jobs.

As Apostle Paul rightly divided, “to whom you subject your body to, you become its slave.”. She became addicted to masturbation, all she needed was a thought, she will leave wherever she was and go into hiding and touch her body for pleasure. It continued for 10 years.

In 2013, she became born again and received the nature of Christ. The nature of Christ cannot live with the works of the flesh, so she started losing the desire to masturbate, howbeit, she could not help herself.

She went for altar calls at different meetings and sermons and cried her heart out but nothing changed. At this time, she was already addicted to pornography and erotic movies too. She could not control her body. She joined the workforce of her church yet nothing changed. She was bitter and angry; she hated her father. No thanks to the issues at home stemming from the polygamous family feud.

She was stagnant, had no job, no relationship, and her finance was in shambles. She attended a meeting where a pastor laid hands on her and she received the infilling of the Holy Ghost, she prayed in tongues non-stop. However, her addictions did not stop despite being filled with the Holy Ghost. It became a real issue; she cried day and night. She could not help herself; she’d lost total control of her body.

One day, she opened up to a friend; the friend was in the same circle as Paul. Her friend reached out, Paul requested her contact and called her. She was cold at first; the reception was extremely bad. Paul was not happy and told her friend what had happened. He told him to speak to her and that he will call again. He spoke to her and Paul called again, this time, the reception was better.

Paul showed her identity in Christ and no matter what is going on in her body, she cannot derive her identity from the addictions but from Christ. They picked a time and fellowship daily. They read the scriptures out loud and prayed in tongues. He stopped the personal fellowship and enrolled her in the School of the Supernatural and taught her how to manifest the life of God in her.

Last week, she reached out to Paul, she met a guy, a Catholic, who was being oppressed in his dreams by demons. She wanted Paul to handle the issue, Paul told her she can handle it and she should go ahead. She almost cried, she begged; Paul said no. Paul told her not to leave the person the Holy Spirit sent to her to the lion, she cannot go back and tell the Holy Spirit “I didn’t do my job”.

She picked up the case, led the brother to Christ and got him filled with the Holy Ghost. She sent Paul a message late at night; the joy was contagious. Paul danced and went to bed.

This was a sister suffering from addictions just some 12 weeks ago, something that had lasted for over 10 years. This same sister is now turning people into their pre-ordained path in Christ and causing light to shine through her. All addictions are now things of the past for her. This is the transforming power of the Gospel.
Glory to Jesus.

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