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3 min readJul 24, 2023

Caller C: Hello, Bro Paul, I am calling you in regard to my friend.
Paul: What is the problem, ma’am?
Caller C: She was afflicted five years ago in Lagos. She developed different kinds of illnesses, and she could not be treated medically. She was experiencing mental issues at some point. We have taken her everywhere. When she is treated outside of Lagos, she gets better, but whenever she steps back into Lagos, the problem will come back. Her husband has left the marriage because of her sickness. She has lost her job too. We are currently in Kwara State, where she is receiving treatment. We were given a prophecy that what was done to her is tied to Lagos and whenever she steps into the city, she starts getting mentally sick.

Paul: Please give the phone to her. Hello, ma, my name is Paul.
Caller K (using C’s phone): Good evening, sir (in the local dialect)
Paul: I have been told everything that is going on, let me explain your reality to you. The moment you gave your life to Christ, you became one with the Lord, and you were translated out of the jurisdiction of darkness into the marvellous light of Jesus. Darkness can never touch you there. Your life has been secured in Christ, and nothing can touch you. You were taken into Zion, where God is the defence of the city, and whoever wants to take you will have to tear down the defence, which is God. Your life is hidden in him. When you say the devil has done this and that, you are giving him access to your life by the word of your mouth, speak the word instead. Do you understand, ma?
Caller K: Yes, I do

Paul: I want you to repeat after me, I am born of God; I am born of the Spirit. I dwell in Christ, far above principalities and powers. I am not afflicted. I declare that I have the Holy Spirit and the power of God is right inside me; therefore, I cannot be afflicted. I declare to my body, Be made whole. All forms of sickness and illness, leave my body now in Jesus’ name. I rebuke any attack against my body. I can never be afflicted; I enjoy good health going forward by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

I speak to your body now, receive life by the power of the Holy Spirit. Nothing shall, by any means hurt you.

Ma’am, you are free to go. Return back to Lagos and to your house. The affliction is over.

Caller C: Thank you so much, sir.

Days after getting to Lagos…
Caller C: Hello, Bro Paul, we have been in Lagos for some days. She is doing well and fine. We went for a medical test, and everything is perfect. The only thing is that her BP is up and she has not been eating.

Paul: Please give the phone to her. (Exchange pleasantries.) Please, you have to eat. You have to stay healthy. I understand it has been challenging; however, the Lord will provide a new job for you, and you will have all the help you need. Your body needs to get back in shape, and this is the time for you to rest.

Caller C: Yes sir. Thank you so much, sir

The affliction never came back. It has been months now, and nothing can afflict her again. Hallelujah!

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