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5 min readDec 16, 2023

Her wedding was just six months away when she suddenly slumped and gave up the ghost. She had complained of a mild headache and fever before the incident, and she was placed on mild treatment. A lot of strange prophecies had gone ahead of her because of her wedding. She was not new to these prophecies; her mother grew up in a religious culture of consulting 2 or 3 prophets to seek the Lord’s face every time. She wouldn’t make any decisions without the input of the prophets. The prophets are used to giving damning verdicts, and sometimes she would have to do vigils and fasts accompanying her prayer sessions as instructed by the prophets concerning the prophecies.

Her marriage was in no way different; prophecies had gone ahead about the type of child she was and how her wedding would go. They also prophesied a looming calamity. As her daughter lay down and water was being poured on her in the hope that she would wake up, she started mumbling the damning prophecies given to her concerning her daughter. ‘’They said it. It is happening. Please, don’t do anything to her. It is happening’’ recounted the mother.

The daughter has not had it smooth either. Her life had been beclouded by these so-called ‘’prophecies’’ since birth. Even when they changed locations, her mother found a new set of prophets. Whenever she loses touch with those prophets, she will find new ones. When she was born, her mother was given a prophecy about how promiscuous she would become and how she would attract all sorts of trouble from her parents. Who gives a newborn with a glorious future that sort of prophecy? Is God wicked that He would give a damning destiny to a baby? ‭‭’’If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father, who is in heaven, give good things to those who ask Him!’’

At a very young age, she was involved in many sexual scandals; her adolescent and teenage years were filled with all sorts of troubles. Her mother felt it was the fulfilment of ‘’prophecies’’ and bore it as a cross. But it was unbearable; if she got to a new location, she would be popular. To cap it all, she had a baby at a very young age, which distorted her education and stopped her from completing her secondary school education in time. She had to abort her academics at that point and nurse her baby. At every junction, there are prophecies altering the order of her life. When she was finally able to put herself together, she was back in school and got herself a university education. Again, ‘prophecies’ had gone forth; the prophecies manipulated her realities when she was there. She also had sexual escapades when she was on campus. Somehow, she got into a Bible program, a platform where she was taught Christ’s reality. She started learning how to lay hold of her reality and control her habits. She got it and was better for it. However, she had not sieved herself off those sources of prophecies. It was where they had given prophecies about an evil looming ahead of her wedding day. She was tagged as a child with a secret spiritual society, one whose mates in the coven would avert the day of joy.

Paul was within the vicinity of the incident. It was their noise that drew him to the scene. He had no business being around that place, but it was as if he was compelled to leave home by the Spirit on that faithful day. When Paul got to the scene, he implored the mother not to say any more words. He held her hands and started commanding life to her body. Her medical personnel were on the ground, and she had lost her pulse, but the medical lady was not relating any information to the family. Paul breathed into her and kept commanding life into her. It went on for over 30 minutes, and in between, her heart stopped for at least 15 minutes. Paul held her hand still. Her medical personnel were afraid of breaking the news. Suddenly, she had a pulse. Then she jerked awake. Her medical personnel got her drip on.
Six months later, she had her glorious wedding to the man of her dreams.

‭‭’’For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.’’ Any prophecy that does not express the mind of God as stated in that scripture is not of God. The Lord speaks to you about His Good and Glorious plans. He speaks to you as He would speak to Christ because you are now the expression of His nature on earth. The Lord speaks to you as He would speak to Himself. The voice of the Lord stirs Faith, Love, Peace and Joy in you. Learn to discern and follow His word. Reject evil words and prophecies. Leave that abode or atmosphere where the mind of the Lord is not clearly expressed. Do not subject your reality to “prophets” who do not understand the mind of God. You are the prophet of your life, you need to wake up to the consciousness of the power of the Word and Holy Spirit alive in your spirit. Jesus said, by your words, you are justified or condemned. It is left to you to speak justification or condemnation. You are at the wheel. For some of you, words have been used to shape and batter the reality of your family, wake up and deliver your family from the harsh words of men called “prophecies.”
It is our month of Lambano, and throughout December, we will set the course of 2024 right with words of prophecies. 2024 is a year that will yield it increase to us. Destinies will be aligned with the Plan of God by the power of the Holy Spirit. Heavy burdens will be taken away. The vain thoughts, imagination and words of mortal men will be brought to nought. The saints will walk in their glorious calling in Christ. The meeting starts tonight at 07:30 GMT+1. Join us via:

Refuse to live your life as a pity party based on past experiences. No matter what, always recount the testimonies of Christ and declare the Word of God over your life. Stay in joy always.



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