In Search of Healing

Paul Shomer Ademujimi
3 min readApr 22, 2024

A lady wrote to me some time ago
Things were going well for the family until her mother suddenly fell sick
She had a stroke, and initial treatment made her feel well but she soon got worse
She lost proper use of her voice
She lost weight drastically
The chaos soon hit everywhere
Her dad’s business took a swift turn for the worse
Her uncle’s job also stopped experiencing some goodness.
She was not spared too
She started hearing voices
She feels like hurting herself
The voice keeps telling her that she is a failure
It doesn’t matter where she is, the voice keeps pestering her
The cloud of thoughts and force would almost stop her breathing
It was the spiral effect of her mum’s sickness on everyone
It threw the whole family under a cloud.

I got on the case
What baffled me was that she was never taken to a hospital
When the issue started,
Their first point of call was to a herbalist.
I was a bit disturbed and it will be almost impossible for healing to take place that way.
Jesus is not one of the solutions, JESUS is the solution.
Patronizing herbalist gives a breathing ground for demons
It only leads to one outcome
She will get sicker until her body succumbs
The temporary relief that method brings is a mirage
She will grow really worse.

There was an issue with a man of God I got involved in.
He was not unknown to me and due to the prevalent mindset in his church,
I stayed away from the matter.
However, I was in a vision around 4 am on a Sunday morning
I saw him completely healed
And that drew me into the case.
I met him and we had a long convo.
The main reason I avoided the matter was the fact that they started consulting herbalists.
The problem is that demons have a legal right in the host body.
I asked his handlers to stop the process and every other herbalist consultation disguised as an herbal solution.
In his case too, they never took him to the hospital.
Because of the vision I saw,
I was emotionally invested in the matter and rightly so.
I pulled my team together and we went to his house.
We prayed in tongues, charged the atmosphere and laid hands on him
We served him communion and left instructions for them.
The atmosphere was impregnated with faith and in the next few days
The one who could not walk started walking
His wife was full of faith too
Interestingly, they did not stop herbalist visit
Then, there were these groups of prayer warriors frequenting his house,
Sharing with him tales of who was behind his predicament.
Apparently, they paid no attention to the instructions we left behind.
I had another vision.
I stepped in again, and I told them he was healed.
But they did not stop, every morning and evening, they frequented the herbalist’s place.
This was a man who once healed a mad woman
This man once sacked witches in a whole village in Oyo State.
This same man woke up one day and said witches were afflicting him.
I was so shocked.
He died shortly after.

In both cases, there is no good that comes from accessing spiritual help through inappropriate means.


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