In Him 2

Paul Shomer Ademujimi
2 min readApr 18, 2024

This sister was introduced by her mother to ‘’prophets.’’
She wanted her to have a husband quickly.
She wanted her to make headway in life.
She was taken to numerous rivers to have a spiritual bath.
Sometimes a dirty river but she wouldn’t have any option.
She spent a lot of money on these prophets
She would buy favour soaps
She was given all kinds of soaps and substances to bathe with.
She wouldn’t use them though
At one time, she was instructed to buy chairs
This was done so that she could have a stable home.
The ‘prophets’ milked them
The spiritual adventures opened her up to all sorts of dreams
She started eating in her dreams
The river baths are different from the numerous baths she had to take in different churches.
Sometimes at specific times of the day.
Then, she had numerous visits to prayer mountains.
She was tired and overwhelmed.
She and her mum had spent a lot of money.
She was spent mentally and emotionally.
She cursed whoever made her life one of trouble.
She had resentment for certain people.
She truly believed her life was full of troubles
One such visit was when her uncle took her for a spiritual bath, where she was beaten at the river.
The prophets said she had to consult witches for her matter.
That was her last straw.
She was tired and angry, full of bitterness.
The frustration drove her to an online store on Instagram so she could buy spiritual stuff for her predicament.
Those guys are called kayammata
In her mother’s spiritual adventure, she met a pastor
The pastor saw a vision and she warned her mother
He saw her daughter following a strange path
He warned her and her mother sternly
That was her clue to stop the purchase
That was their clue to stop all spiritual
She left home to start afresh
She is doing so well in Christ, growing in the Lord.

Whilst mothers love their children and would do anything within their power to help, there should be a boundary to which they seek spiritual help in the name of helping their children make it in time. The best gift a child can ever receive is to help them grow in their walk with the Holy Spirit. The Presence of God produces all the things we need for life and godliness.

I love you
Paul Ademujimi.

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