Paul Shomer Ademujimi
2 min readDec 16, 2023

Caller: Hello, good morning sir, My name is ******* *******
Someone gave me your number to share some things with you.
I have been going through some tough challenges lately..
I tried meditating in a case of 2 friends, I got implicated at the police,
I tried to help a stranger retrieve her stolen phone, I have just been made to refund the money for that phone..
I know nothing, neither do I have a direct link to all these cases with the police and civil defense all that once…
As it stands I am about selling my only means of livelihood to settle all this cases.. against next week when I have to settle them.
Kindly join me in prayers
Thanks and God bless sir

Paul: Hello, Good morning, sir. Open your scripture to Psalm 91. Read it out loud 7 times. In the second reading, personalize the scripture and use present tenses.

At the end of the scripture reading, Paul decreed the issues resolved and gave him a simple instruction thereafter.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -
2 days later

Caller: Good morning Bro Paul, I have come with a praise report. On the Police issue. Some Senior Officers of the Nigeria Police Force waded into the matter and said I should not report for the case again.
The NSCDC case, some senior officers also got interested, a resolution outside of any case has been reached. The phone owner will be settled and they will deploy their internal technology on the matter. They have an intuition to work on a lead.
Men, are rising for me everywhere.
Paul: Gloryyyyy. Do not worry. These issues were already settled.

4 days later

Caller: Good morning Bro Paul, I have come with a praise report. The Senior Officers of the Nigeria Police Force have ordered that a refund of all monies spent be sent back to me. I should be made a witness in the case not the one to be prosecuted. Everything I lost will be refunded to me.

Paul: Gloryyyyy


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