Hearing from Him

Paul Shomer Ademujimi
4 min readOct 11, 2022

I get a lot of questions about hearing from the Holy Spirit, I believe this write-up will provide a photizo. All questions from last week have been about hearing from Him.

You have to understand that you have a spiritual connection with the Holy Spirit and He is permanently seated right inside you. The Holy Spirit’s residence is in you, and He had always craved to be in you. To help me understand this, even more, I was in a worship session with my siblings in Zion and I found myself speaking to Jesus, I saw an appearance like the Father but my attention was not on Him but on Jesus, so I asked Him ‘’where is the Holy Spirit, He should be beside You? Then Jesus responded by pointing to me. Immediately, I saw a figure in me like that is His abode, comfortably resting, and He is there eternally. Oh my God, you cannot imagine my joy, the kind that floods you, I felt so secure and peaceful, ecstatic at the same time. You must understand that it is the Holy Spirit’s delight to be in you and share His life with you. You must have this basic understanding that the Holy Spirit has become your life and you cannot live any life outside of Him. The life you now have is in Him. ‘’He that is joined with the Lord is one Spirit with Him’’. With this information in my spirit, I will sit in my room and start pouring my heart into Him telling Him how important He is to me. Sometimes I cry and cry, telling Him I am nothing without Him, my life has become Him, and I am one with Him. What a glorious thing to have His Presence in you and all I need to do is to rest in His love. I am not asking for food or shelter nor am I asking for whom to marry or if I should move out of my city of residence or which job to take. All I do is Meno. I rejoice at His Presence in me, loving up on Him. It is at this moment you have the greatest sense of security in the world. Sometimes, I start having this cold sensation all over me, I will be shivering for hours, and sometimes a very warm embrace, I will cry and cry and cry. Oh, I love Him, I love Him from the depth of my heart. He loves me so much, the warm embrace is just a token of how He expresses Himself. I am His and He is mine.

Secondly, let your thoughts and imagination be full of the scripture, ‘’You shall meditate therein, day and night’’. Be full of the word, let your mind be full of the word. When you read the scriptures out loud, study and meditate, you provide photizo to your spirit. Your spirit becomes illuminated, elevated and the Holy Spirit can find more expression in your thoughts and imagination. You must realize that your thoughts become His channel of communication after your mind is fixed on the word.

Thirdly, pray in tongues oo, do it a lot. Sing in tongues.. worship Him in tongues. Love up on Him in tongues. Whoever tells you tongues are not important has deceived you.

This is how you practice His Presence daily. Then, there’s a way you can take Him out with you and practice His Presence as you go about your day. I will discuss that later.

Fourthly, I will not tell you what to do but you know it. You know the conversations that corrupt your mind that you need to stop having, you know the people you need to unfollow, you know the folks who are bearers of bad news that you need to do away with physically and online, you know the songs you need to stop listening to, you know the distractions you have filled your TL with and engage in all kinds of threads. They stir up your flesh and cannot build your most holy faith. Have a tunnel vision of God.

Finally, if you are not friends with Him, do not use Him. We come with our questions and try to force ourselves to hear from Him. He is not a tool or channel for you to use whenever you are facing a challenge or when you need direction. He is your life, and you are in eternal union with Him. When you are friends with Him, then, it is easy for Him to direct you and share His plans. An unrenewed mind flow with His plans. Sometimes, you insist on hearing something from Him and He is interested in talking about so many other things with you. Let Him share His heart.

I love you.

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