Healing via Koinonia

Around 18 months ago, I woke up in the morning and discovered that my visions were becoming blurred. I couldn’t open my eyes well in the presence of light. I couldn’t operate my phone or laptop conveniently without wearing black shades. I contemplated getting a glass, a darker shade for permanent use or visiting an ophthalmologist. Then, I remember that I was born of the Spirit, and I cannot be subjected to the whims and caprices of the natural man. The Spirit of the Holy One lives in me, and his power quickens my body. I abandoned my plans to get a glass; I kept using my eyes and making my spirit-inspired confessions.

One night, I wanted to kill a roach in the kitchen; I dislike seeing them marauding the house. I picked the broom, and at my sight, the roach took to his heel. The moment I started moving my eyes, I could not see properly; it started wheeling kind of. I think the roach escaped. I could not see well at night if there was light.

I raised the word of God above what I was seeing. The word swallows up every reality that does not conform to the reality of the believer.

Several months ago, I discovered I had been healed completely. I did not know when it happened, but I noticed I was no longer having the blur visions again. I could pick up tiny objects with my sight again. I could chase the tiniest roach and kill it too. My sight was no longer wheeling.

PS: Many miracles happen as we fellowship with the Holy Spirit (Praying in tongues and reading the bible out loud). There is energy generated from His presence within and heals our body. There are instant healings by His power. Some healings also happen as we walk in the light of the word of God and stir our faith. The key is to focus on the word, believe it wholeheartedly, confess it and do it.



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Paul Shomer Ademujimi

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