Paul Shomer Ademujimi
1 min readJul 30, 2023

After attending to a case:
Friend: Paul, you have to pray for my mum before leaving, she has terrible pain that has not allowed her to sleep well for a while now.
Paul: (In his natural shyness) Please, you can do it. I need to go now.
(She insisted and Mum started looking at Paul too.)

Paul: Ha, okay. Mummy, please sit down. What exactly is wrong, ma?
Mum: The pain is in my left leg, whenever I am lying or sleeping, I won’t be able to turn around. If I stand from the bed, the pain is much.
Paul: All right, ma. (Paul lays his hand on her left leg without saying a word or prayer. After several minutes…) Please, can you rate the pain ma?
Mum: The pain is still the same. 4/10

(He asked her to stand up)
Paul: Can you rate the pain now?
Mum: It is reducing, 3/10.
(After a while)
Paul: How about now?
Mum: I feel like something was there and the thing had just left. The pain is between 1or2/10 now.

Paul: You are healed. It is progressive, and in 3 days, you will be perfectly fine.
Mum: Thank you so much.

(Paul left for his journey. The second day after a night’s sleep. The pain had drastically reduced and she slept well. Stood and walked around without pain.)

Mum: Who is that Paul? Where does he pastor? Which ministry is he from? Can I have his number?
Friend: He is my friend oo.

On the third day. She is perfectly fine.



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