I grew up in an apostolic denomination where ‘’Thus says the Lord’’ is the order of the day. Please pay attention; I am not dissing any denomination. I have seen a lot of ‘’Thus says the Lord.” Once a brother wanted to get married, this is a prevalent practice in the church; people would not grow their relationship with God themselves and therefore, He cannot lead them per time. They outsource everything in their reality and leave it in the hands of pastors and prophets. They do not understand the impulses of the Spirit and cannot discern His ways. This brother, as per church tradition, took 2 names to ‘’prophets’’. The prophets gave different verdicts, but they stuck to one. This particular prophet said that there is a problem in the family of the lady, a generational spirit that will not allow her to give birth after marriage. The prophet then said they should have sex right now and give birth to children before they formalize their relationship through marriage. This is a false prophecy and has nothing to do with God, you can simply discern this through the word of God. He told them a mirage, and since they had chosen to outsource their reality and listen to a mirage, they took all decisions based on the mirage. My goodness, that brother suffered because of that decision. That prophecy almost turned him into a beggar, the saddest thing is that he believes it is a trial of life that should come and he might enjoy later in life, such perverse thinking. This is what happens when you do not fellowship with the word of God.

There was a day we were praying what could be termed ‘’hot prayers’’, the one that can carry the Iya Aladura (The only ‘prophetess appointed by God to the church’). Then, the ‘Iya Aladura’ of the church started ‘prophesying’, ‘’The Lord said we should build Him ********.” I looked at what she said the Lord had asked the church to build. It was not a project that would propagate the gospel in any way. In fact, the project is extremely irrelevant to our dispensation, it will not win a single soul nor will it bring in new members to the church. I knew immediately that it had nothing to do with God. A few weeks down the line, the very thing that was put up dropped off and almost killed an important member of that church. That was the end of that project. That was when everyone’s eyes cleared and doubted the prophecy.

I have heard many so-called prophecies and my ears have tingled. How could you tell a spirit-filled believer that he/she is possessed! How could you tell a spirit-filled believer that a demon in his/her family is trading his/her glory in the spiritual glory market, the glory of Jesus ooo! How could you tell a believer to whom Christ has given His glory that he/she has a bad leg and would not be fit for a marriage, therefore, the brother should reject her. A believer that has not grown in his/her relationship with the Holy Spirit, built his/her mind with the word of God and is not walking in the light will believe that nonsense word and the word becomes a thorn tearing his/her life apart. If you are not growing in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, you will subject your life and reality to a mirage and that mirage called prophecy will be directing the course of your life.

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Paul Shomer Ademujimi

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