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3 min readSep 27, 2022


He met her two years ago.
She is everything she wanted in a woman.
A major pillar of support to her and her family.
He’s proven himself to be resourceful in every circumstance and moment.
Her family loved him so much.
He is a very industrious man.
Bold and courageous to take on any opportunity.
He leads one of the largest arms of his church.
He is very innovative too, flexible and adventurous in implementing changes.
He is a reformer of some sort and seeks to add value no matter where he belongs.
His industrious nature would not allow him to settle for less. He seeks to provide solutions to every problem as long as it is in his power to do so.
He has a business that earns him a few thousand of naira monthly. With an expansion, he can earn more.

She is a noble lady.
Full of the word.
She is simple in every way and moderates too.
She wants a quiet life and a very comfortable one too.
She just wants to keep her job and be happy.
No big vision. Just make enough money to live comfortably.
If the opportunity comes to do something different, she does it.

They lived within the same quarters.
They loved each other so much.
It was beautiful.
They had come of age, so they carried both families along.
Both families love each other too.
Because of the proposed union, they had started attending family functions at each other’s homes.

She had issues with his finances.
He also had issues with her finances.
She wanted him to take up a job.
He is running a business.
He has started another, a business that could serve more than 2,000 households in the area and has the potential to spread to other areas. It is a hot idea and would change the destiny of hundreds of young people.
He had been working in that space for over 10 years and had implemented a few projects in that field before.
It is time for expansion and he is doing just that.
He had dreamed of this day and more glorious initiatives to come.
He has seasoned professionals advising him.

He wanted her to get an additional degree and build herself up in the field.
He was showing her the big picture, her potential with an additional degree could prove extremely beneficial in this new business.
She was earning a paltry sum of 25, 000 naira monthly.
She could see sense in it.
She loves security and she had settled for what she has.
She couldn’t understand why he couldn’t get a job and be more secure.

She got her parents involved.
They pressured him to allow a wedding ceremony and get a job.
He contemplated relocating abroad because of the financial pressure.
However, he wouldn’t budge.
The glory of tomorrow is beyond the pain of today for him.
This is the time to build.
He kept on encouraging her to see the future and see how they could be more valuable to society.

On one of those days, he called her, but she did not pick up the phone.
He called for days, but she wouldn’t pick it up.
He ran to her parents’ house.
They did not have much to say.
Her mum promised to speak to her.
She promised to get back to him but her body language was not encouraging.
His adopted father and pastor to whom the relationship was accountable, called her severally.
She did not answer his father’s call.
In their culture, this is total disrespect and a clear message.
He was heartbroken.
He spoke to Uncle Paul.
Uncle Paul told him to heal and focus on his dreams.
Ghosting is a clear message.
She ghosted him a month ago.
The relationship would have been two years old yesterday.



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