Paul Shomer Ademujimi
3 min readApr 30, 2023

At 16, Lagos Garages was her home.
She had no roof over her head.
At night, people’s shops were her personal abode.
She bore strong hatred in her heart for her parents.
She was born out of wedlock.
Both parents never cared about her and never fended for.
She spent her early years with her grandmother until she left quite early for the world unknown.
She happened to be one of their problems instead of being a blessing to both of them.
She became a source of problems rather than a source of joy.
Their constant bickering and fighting were too toxic for a child to learn and grow and none of them had their lives together to even be responsible for another human.
Her childhood and teen years were filled with woes and tragedy.
The only family that showed genuine interest in her died early too.
It was sex for a living.
She had to use the only tool she knew to live.
But the money was not enough to make her get a house talkless of living well.
She found herself in compromising situations often, exposed to all kinds of sickness.
She tried to be a Christian, but she met woe.
One time, she was accused of stealing the pastor’s phone.
Another time, she was accused of sleeping with the church boys.
Finally, she had hope of having a roof over her head.
She had a new boyfriend.
She moved in with him.
That was when her sex drive got worse.
She got addicted to sex.
The guy was into drugs.
She got tired of the whole mess of her life.
She had a burning anger towards her parents.
None of them had ever been part of her journey, however little.
She was in the middle of nowhere. She could bet they could not recognize her.
She found it hard to forgive herself for the decisions she had made.
She cried hard.
She wanted the bad habits to stop.
She wanted to forgive herself for hurting God so much.
She felt a huge emptiness within her.
She craved love.
She craved forgiveness.
She craved the nature of Christ
She craved the yoke and burden to be lifted.
She reached out.
We spoke for a long time.
Bro. Paul led her to Christ.
He gave her some scriptures to read out loud as she prepares her spirit to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
He told her to forgive her parents and blessed them.
It took a while, she cried and cried. She left the hurt and its garbage behind, she prayed for them.
The burden was lifted.
She joined a bible class and she was taught her reality in Christ Jesus.
She learnt and started practising the Zoe life.
During the troubles, she had learnt massage and wig trading.
She honed her skill better.
She started her business and got it registered.
She remained with her boyfriend till she could gather money to move out of the house.
It took a while but she did it.
Her ex-boyfriend gave his life to Christ too.
If you are there, you know at this moment that you need Christ, I am just a DM away, please, send me a message.
Take the yoke of you, bring it to Jesus.
God bless you.

PS: Meno Ministries International is one today.
One year of walking in the Glory of Christ.
One year of transforming lives by the Power of the Holy Spirit.
One year of helping Sons walk in their pre-ordained path in Christ.
To the Meno team, I love you deeply. Thank you for forming a strong bond in Christ with everyone. Thank you for your support, day and night. We have territories to conquer. The nations are waiting for us. Let’s go!!!
The Holy Spirit has called this Season the Cloud of His Glory and Presence. Welcome to the new season. I love you, family.



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