Paul Shomer Ademujimi
1 min readDec 16, 2023

I got her message at 03:59 a.m.
She started peeing blood in clot form, accompanied by pain in the abdomen.
There were also fat substances coming out of the urine.
It became terrible and unbearable.
She was scared and started googling her solution.
When I saw her message, I called her.
She explained all the symptoms and delved into what she had googled.
I came in at that point and told her to stop.
I guess my spirit does not need all the information she wanted to feed me.
She wanted to send me the pictures of what she had seen so far from her urine, but I told her no.
I told her to delete the pictures and stop all the research she was doing; she was about to feed a demon, and she must not go further.
‘’Get a cup of water, one you can drink at once, and open your scripture to Psalm 24
Read it out loud seven times. Write out your health declarations’’
She is spirit-filled, and I wanted it to come from her belly.
She did.
‘’Drink another cup of water and watch your next urination process.’’
She did.
The next urine came out with no blood substance or fat.
But the pain remained.
‘’Drink another cup of water.’’
She drank it.
That was the end of the disease.
The pain is totally gone.
Her body was restored.

PS: Again, when you are in a fix, think supernatural.

I love you
Paul Ademujimi.



Paul Shomer Ademujimi

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