Dunamis 2

Paul Shomer Ademujimi
2 min readFeb 11, 2023

Caller: ‘’Hello Brother Paul, I was praying in tongues and I was led to pray for ***a this morning as I was praying in tongues, she fell down and started manifesting, she’s been moving like a snake, we have been on it for a long while and I know I have to call you’’

Paul: All right, put the phone on speaker, let’s end it. Hey, demon, come out now! Prays in tongues.

She shakes vigorously, and in less than 3 minutes, she was fine.

Paul: Please, give her the phone. Hey, ***a, how are you? Can you hear me? Tell me how you feel right now.

***a: Yes, I can hear you. I am better, I feel very good.

Paul: All right. (Paul queried the caller). What happened?

Caller: The woman came back to her. She brought chicken, and she was fascinated by it. She ate it, and she was back in their coven. I went to the school, she is not the only one, and there are other students involved.

Paul: All right, find out from her, and let’s sort out the other kids involved. Give the phone to her. (I declare by the power of the Holy Spirit that your faculties of interaction with the realm of the Spirit are taken over by the Holy Spirit. Your ministering spirits are actively at work, and you have no interaction with darkness again). She is fine now, and it will not happen again. Spend more time with her, and show her Christ’s reality.

Other kids were sorted and witchcraft rings in a school curbed.
This happened in Osun State, 2022.

This is Part One: https://medium.com/@ademujimi/dunamis-1ccec6e700a8



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