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This event happened in November, Osun State, 2022.

It was around 10:00 a.m. in the morning when a woman gave her what appeared to be bad news, her niece suddenly started shouting in class, holding her stomach. Her shout disrupted the academic activities in the school for that hour; students and teachers alike were thrown into panic mode. She became somewhat paralyzed; she could not walk, and all happened within a few minutes. What kind of ailment is this! She was perfectly fine and in good health when she was dropped off at school by her aunt in the morning. Her aunt waved her and her kids goodbye, till they will meet again after closing hours. She was perfectly fine, and nothing could suggest that she would be paralyzed with excruciating pain in the next 2 hours. The teachers knew that this was not the kind of ailment to be admitted at the school’s sick bay, they struggled to place her on a motorcycle bike. They needed to get her home to her people.

When this girl was 9 living somewhere in Plateau State, one day, a woman in long red clothing walked into the house. She held a black book and held the girl’s lips. Since then, this woman would come to visit her frequently and sometimes lies on the bed with her. She comes when no one is around, and she was not bound by time or distance. She travelled down to Osogbo 3 years later and the woman still came to visit and was frequent. The woman told her that she does not want her in school and does not want her to achieve anything good in life. This intelligent girl became a dullard overnight. She could not read anything to the point that she could not read a wall clock. She confessed all this after the teacher struggled to get her home.

The aunt started blasting in tongues and laid hands on her. The woman came around again at that point, only the girl could see her. The girl started manifesting all sorts. Her aunt started feeling a burning sensation on her hand, and laid it on the girl, the girl screamed. She manifested more by mimicking an animal and all kinds of figures, she became weak. Her aunt touched her again, and the girl started blasting in tongues and was filled with the Holy Ghost. After a while, the girl brightened up. She stood up jumping, the excruciating pain in the tummy gone. No more shouting. No more paralysis. The devil is gone forever. She gave her life to Christ, She now has a new Life in Christ. It is Zoe, the life of God. She is now the glory of Christ. She went back to bed and had a rest. All this while, the teacher was there, looking in wonder. This is Dunamis!

Her aunt: To think that I have been praying with her and studying the Bible, I didn’t notice any strange behaviours in her until today, I wasn’t prepared for deliverance nor ever thought I can deliver someone, it took me unaware, God has indeed given me a testimony to behold. If it were before, I would have called like 5 pastors to help pray, but I commanded, and it obeyed. It feels good having the power to rebuke demons. Glory to God

Her aunt is a graduate of the Meno School of the Spirit and a minister with @MenoInHim

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