Delivered from the Clutches of Death

Paul Shomer Ademujimi
3 min readMar 19, 2022

In 2020, ritualists kidnapped my brother. It happened at broad daylight around 2:00 pm in the Government Reserved Area of our city. He conducted a transaction at a bank and moved to the road just at the front of the bank to take a public cab, as soon as he entered the cab, he could not remember any other thing again.

The next time he would gain consciousness was in a dark room with four other captives, hand-tied, confused and crying. Some moments later, two guys came and slit the throat of two guys out of the captives, my brother and the other captive watched as life ebbed out of the two guys killed as blood filled the floor. It was a scary moment for both of them.

At around 5:00 pm, my mum got back home, and the story did not add up to her she started getting worried, my brother’s line was called, no one picked it up, if it was picked, no one will talk. About 40 minutes later, my mum started scattering everywhere. I was called around 6:00 pm, the story of his missing hit my nerve, I was anxious and fearful at the same time. I was in church waiting for a weekly vigil with some fire brothers to start when they called me. Everyone was confused but only one person was never confused — Holy Spirit.

My first instinct was to go to as many Police Stations as possible and make a report. So, I started moving with confusion wrapped over me; I planned to visit two Police stations on my path to the bank area. I also planned to trek, peradventure, I can meet him on the road. As I stepped out of the church, 40 meters away, it dawned on me that I am making a wrong move. I went back into the church and I started praying in the Spirit. One of my brothers had started praying in the Spirit. I told him to keep trying the number while he is praying while I focus on praying. My tongues started spontaneously, and I started attaining a state of peace and I continued praying. The fear in me evaporated.

The ritualists were holding my brother’s phone while the calls kept coming in. He picked the call once and heard tongues. He came into the room my brother and the other captive was kept and asked them who is a Christian among them, my brother signified, the other guy was a Muslim. The ritualist holding the phone then told his accomplice what happened and said someone was speaking in tongues on my brother’s phone. How he got to know that it was speaking in tongues is a mystery to all of us.

The phone rang again, and he picked it up, he started hearing hot tongues. After a while, he told my brother and the other guy to stand up and they are going home. He blindfolds them. They dropped my brother at the junction of our house and gave him all his valuables. My brother called home, they picked him up. My brother could not talk for hours, he was just shaking and crying. He got back home around 10:00 pm.

I am seeing rampant cases of missing persons lately, by the power of the Holy Spirit, irrespective of the duration of missing every missing person, they are found in Jesus name. To everyone in captive, who are absent-minded, I quicken your consciousness right now, I speak to your mind and spirit to become aware of where you are, I declare that the angels create your escape route right now, start coming home in Jesus name. Every missing person come home right now in Jesus name.

I declare the activities of nefarious men null and void on the soil of Nigeria. I tame every spirit sponsoring these wicked activities on our soil. Every word spoken over our land sponsoring these activities are null and void right now, I speak mercy, I speak righteousness, I speak peace. I declare the instruments of terror blunt. Everyone on a killing spree who has made themselves agents of darkness is sealed at home right now until they are ready for repentance. Peace reigns over Nigeria in Jesus name.



Paul Shomer Ademujimi

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