Dealing with Emotional Breakdown

Paul Shomer Ademujimi
2 min readFeb 5, 2022


AR: Hello, I want to call you

PA: Hey baby, it is late, can you send a chat?

AR: no, I want a call.

PA: (In my head: I avoid late-night calls except with my own babe. So, let us improvise…) baby, send a voice note.

AR: don’t worry, I will go to bed.

PA: ha, you dey put me for tight corner abi. Please, call me I am available.

She did not call… I immediately called back.

PA: Hey A******, what’s up?

AR: ****y, I am not fine. I could not do anything today. I need him.

PA: is it ****e?

AR: yes, ****y, I am missing him. I need him right now, I love him.

PA: Hey baby, I want you to be fine. Please, listen to me. Now, redirect that same affection to the Holy Spirit. Tell Him you love Him. Tell Him you miss Him. Tell him you need Him. Now, make your confession that your heart is fixed on Jesus. You are above emotional rush/breakdown. Do not be sympathetic to your emotional state right now. Confess, how you want to feel. You are above emotional rush. Baby, when you do this, let me know. Do it right now and go to bed.

AR: ****y, I have done it.

PA: now, go to bed.

Early hours of the following morning (WhatsApp)

AR: ****y, I met the Holy Spirit. I saw our world. Everywhere was empty, there was nothing. Then, the Holy Spirit said, “everything will be taken away soon”. (Other details hidden, please)

PA: oh wow. Baby, the Holy Spirit is drawing you into deeper intimacy with Him. Can you forgo the world and its affairs to walk with Him now?

AR: Gloryyyy, yes ****y.

PA: Welcome to your new reality.

Later in the day, she had a physical encounter with Him, right on a field track.

PS: There was a time I saw myself in a vision of the night flying far above the earth. In my religious mindset, it was witchcraft, I must have a secret spiritual society😀😀😀. It took me a while to decode it. It was the Holy Spirit taking my eyes off the things of the world. I would normally see the entire world empty beneath me. After several months of puzzling, I asked Him, what is this thing? He said was taking my eyes off the material things of the earth.

This intimacy thing sounds like an initiation to me at times😂😂. He is the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of the living God.



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