Celebrating The GSWMI Firebrand Team

Paul Shomer Ademujimi
2 min readAug 29, 2023

I picked up a prayer request some time ago,
As we were discussing on the phone,
I told the brother to pause,
Paul: You have a chest condition that has caused you pain
The Brother: Yes sir, how did you know? I never mentioned it in my prayer request.
I have been to the hospital several times, and the drugs they have been giving me are not working (he lives in a country with one of the best healthcare systems in the world).
I have been managing the pain.

Paul: You also have an eye condition.
The Brother: How did you know that? I have been using glasses, but the symptoms will not stop.
Paul: All right, lay your hand on your chest right now,
Do not say anything, leave it there. The pain will leave

He laid his hand on his chest.
The Brother: ‘’Oh wow, what are you doing to me? The pain is leaving.
Wow, it is totally gone’’.
Paul: Now, repeat the same process for your eye.
It will be healed in a process over the next few days’’
The brother: ‘’Oh wow’’
Paul: ‘’Glory’’

You only learn to grow in the life of Christ that is in you; the scriptures say you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you.
You do not walk in expression of the power of the Holy Spirit by seeking mantles for power.
Jesus was not looking for mantles.
Paul and Peter never looked for mantles.
The Apostles never looked for mantles.
They received the Holy Spirit and worked wonders with His strength.
You only need to practice the scripture.
Jesus said, ‘’And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” — Mark 16:17‭-‬18

Do you believe in Jesus? If yes, the above is your reality. Yes, it is that simple. Then you grow thereby. In the same way, you learn a skill, and apply it, and the more you apply, the more you learn and become a master of it.

If you have ever been blessed by me or the Meno ministers, it all started from @GswmiFirebrand
That was where I learned to grow in dispensing eternal verities. This week, @GswmiFirebrand is celebrating 3 years of impact,
3 years of miracles, signs and wonders,
3 years of setting the course of people and nations aright through the power of the Holy Spirit.

I celebrate with every minister @GswmiFirebrand and the leader of the ministry.
Happy Birthday, @GswmiFirebrand



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