Building your Relationship with the Holy Spirit

Paul Shomer Ademujimi
3 min readMar 14, 2022

I was speaking to a friend last week, and she told me she desires a close relationship with the Holy Spirit the way He has seen other people describe Him. I wanted to make my answer practical, so I told her to tell me her expectations in a love relationship, and what does she want her relationship to look like? She told me:

1. Open relationship, both parties must keep no secret.

2. Infused with each other, I want to know him; I want to know everything about him. I want us to be into each other. I want us to be immersed in each other’s world. I want him to become part of me.

3. I want to always be in his head and he should be in my head.

4. I want us to always work in synergy, doing all things together and as one.

I told her to see the Holy Spirit in that light too. The first thing you need to realize is that the Holy Spirit is infused into you, He is in your spirit and He ain’t going nowhere, you only need to come to that consciousness. Knowing the fact that He is infused into you, run an open relationship with Him, talk to Him about everything. Gist Him how your day is going not a report of the day, as you are going about your daily activity, carry Him along. If a guy just sends you a message and you are blushing, tell Him “Holy Spirit the message is getting to my head, do the guy truly loves me? What should I tell Him? Should we remain friends or I should say yes?”😁😁. Then wait, let Him respond. Most of the time, He speaks back through your thoughts because He is infused into you. As you execute your daily tasks, walk Him through them. He is not ignorant of them all, this is you training your senses to be synchronized with Him.

Knowing Him: if you want to truly know Him, you must be one who loves reading the word of God. Read, study and meditate on the word of God; do these three things intentionally. By the time your mind start comprehending the truth of the word of God, you will be blown away. Sometimes, you will be moved to tears. At that point, He is revealing Himself multidimensionally. Another important thing you must do with the word is praying in tongues every moment you can. This is the language of the Holy Spirit Himself. You discover the richness of His love, His word start crystalizing into your consciousness as you pray in tongues.

Confess your love: once again, the same way you would sit down and compose sweet words and sometimes poetry for your lovers, do it to the Holy Spirit. Say the words, write them down, post them everywhere on your social media. Confess your love words to Him continually. Most of the time, you discover how much He loves you from the Word of God and that will stir a response from you. “How can You love me so much, Lord?”

PS: relationship with the Holy Spirit is cultured, it is an intentional activity. The same way you culture and grow your love relationship, direct that energy to your relationship with the Holy Spirit and see it grow exponentially.



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