It is important that you train yourself in righteousness as a believer and make informed choices in any situation. In the Anikulapo movie, the Saro guy was a natural man who could feel the impulses of his flesh and pander to them. His destiny was not doomed because he migrated or met different kinds of beautiful ladies, but because of his inability to control his natural senses. I know how libido works and can grip the body of people, however, even some natural men know there is a restraint and boundary when it comes to sexual urges. The Saro guy panders to his natural senses too much, and he does not know when to just stop. His spirit knew no boundaries, and his gates were flung wide open at every opportunity to open a skirt. Natural men like him would rather run away at the sight of a skirt than give way to the impulses of the flesh. Some natural men have also mastered how to live above their natural impulses and ensure they do the right thing. Saro is the only entity responsible for his ordeals; he was lucky too many times, but his unguarded spirit messed up his life.

One thing Zoe does to you as you meno in the Holy Spirit is change your natural tendencies and desires. The same energy a fellow channels to lust, He will dispel it and create another desire and energy in that fellow but this time, it is to draw people into the living waters in you.
Rather than looking at a lady or man and lusting after him or her, you are seeking how to help him or her walk and have fellowship with the Holy Spirit. You are now a life-giving spirit.



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Paul Shomer Ademujimi

Homo Christus | i Teach, Write and Live the Gospel | Children and Teenagers | Founder, Anil Farms | Christ wing | Meno | +2348037714863 (WhatsApp only)