Some of you have been good boys or girls all your life, and you have never been broken by anything, this is why you cannot understand certain supernatural encounters. So, the love of God and love for God is like a theory in your head and not life in your spirit. The woman with the alabaster box was Mary, the sister of Lazarus. When she met Jesus, she had seven demons in her. In that civilization, when people have demons, they are rejected, and they live outside of the human dwelling. No one will pray for them, no one had the power to cast demons out. Jesus came and sent out demons from her. She started following the Lord after that episode.

Her life was taken away from her by those demons and Jesus restored it. Then, her brother died for four days, and Jesus came and raised that guy up from the grave. Mary loved Jesus so much that she was there at the tomb to be the first witness and preacher of Jesus’s resurrection. It was that love that made her bring her expensive oil perfume to pour on Jesus and use her hair to rub it off. A clear demonstration of love. John the beloved would literally sleep on the chest of Jesus and sometimes rest on Him as they are sharing fellowship together. I guess if someone tells you that he/she had been resting on Jesus’s chest all night, your untrained mind cannot comprehend it. When Jesus restores broken lives, how do you think they will love up on Him?



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Paul Shomer Ademujimi

Homo Christus | i Teach, Write and Live the Gospel | Children and Teenagers | Founder, Anil Farms | Christ wing | Meno | +2348037714863 (WhatsApp only)