Earlier last week, the word “seclusion” started popping up in my mind. I paid attention to it to see what the Holy Spirit intended to say about the word. Then, He opened my mind to how people birth realities, innovations, inventions, ideas, products, and ground-breaking solutions while, they are alone and brooding with their minds. The place of seclusion is where you discover yourself more. Seclusion separates you from human activities as much as possible and allows you to interact more with divinity. The earth is always at the mercy of divinity. So any interaction with the divine presence in you will always birth great things. Seclusion should be wholly embraced.

Shortly after, a sister who is in her second year at a tertiary institution sent me a DM asking me what Adulam meant. I told her to comb the scriptures to bring out everything she can find and sieve out what the Holy Spirit has laid in her heart about the passages.

She did comb through the scriptures and shared some things. I went ahead to share with her the thoughts of the Holy Spirit on the matter. Then, she went ahead to talk about how the Holy Spirit had asked her to stay indoors for about two Sundays. The Holy Spirit had said she should be indoors and in fellowship. Of course, the fellowship brethren are not taking it lightly with her. Talks about backsliding and threats have been sent her way. I told her not to fight whatever the Holy Spirit had asked her to do. She has an audience of One, and she is responsible for yielding to Him no matter who decides to process that through human reasoning or a religious lens.

Another sister (who is like a sister to me) sent me a message that the Holy Spirit said she is to give Him one month. One month of just fellowshipping with Him, no work. She was afraid if she had had Him right. With one month of consistent fellowship with little or no human interaction, you are better off it. Those that wait on the Lord, their strength will be renewed.

There are times the Holy Spirit is ready to tell us to “Come up hither” in our next level of walk with Him. Whatever He has laid in your heart to do, do it. If, He asked you to stay off social media, do it. If, He asked you to fast, do it. As you grow in your walk with God, you will master how to wait on Him daily and practice His Presence more.



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Paul Shomer Ademujimi

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