Abba got me

So, some time ago, the Holy Spirit whispered to me that my system engineer of over 10 years had started cheating me. I did not pay attention to that information because throughout my tertiary education, this guy fixed my system for free. In my human mind, I had no reason to start doubting him. When I graduated and I started paying him, I sometimes paid him double of his money and also gave him jobs from the establishments I had worked in, so I trusted him.

Well, I processed the information from my human mind and I did not pay attention to it. The last time my system was faulty, I was charged and paid. Before I called him, I had the nudge to be patient, but I wouldn’t because I need my system to do the gospel daily. Waiting was not an option😁. I called him and he said the problem is the main problem with the model. He fixed it.

Last week, my system developed that same fault, I did not have up to the last fee in my account, so I decided to wait😂. Chai! (It did not have to get to that, I was not paying attention). So, I said, I can heal my laptop now, I heal inanimate objects too. I laid my hands on it and I tested it. It did not come up😫😫😫. I relaxed and I said, “Holy Spirit What’s up? “ (The best thing I ever did). He said, ‘’Google search the problem’’. I said, uhn🥸. Well, I went to Google and saw three solutions. The third one works. I only needed to change something, and I did it. I did not spend a dime. If I had been patient the last time, I wouldn’t have spent that way.

Interestingly, after fixing it, I put a call to the engineer. I told him the problem and he said I should bring it. I asked about payment and he said I should prepare the exact bill like the last time. Ah!😫

Holy Spirit my Friend, thank you.



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Paul Shomer Ademujimi

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